Top 5 Places to Study on Campus

Because Starbucks can be overly-loud when you’re trying to cram for tomorrow’s test.

5) The Second Floor of the Art Building

The tables, desks, and chairs found in random corners are the best secluded little areas. Did we mention that there are couches on the first floor, too?

4) Foyer of the UC Ballroom

Hardly anyone passes through this end of the building, but be wary of when huge events are going on in the Ballroom towards the beginning and end of semester.

3) Ski Lounge in the UC

Tucked away from a large part of the hustle and bustle of the UC, the Ski Lounge is also steps away from a college student’s best friend – food.

2) JPL –Quiet Study Zones

Our list wouldn’t be complete without the JPL! With access to study rooms and quiet study zones, you can’t go wrong.

1) The 4th Floor of (Almost) Any Building

Not many people are walking the fourth floor on their way to class as only offices reside on these floors, so these places are extremely quiet. I would not recommend trying to utilize the fourth floor of the Main Building as there aren’t any nooks or courtyards to be found by the average student and I doubt President Romo will let you use his office.