Futuristic art showcased in student art gallery

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From March 3 to 7, UTSA students were able to view “Obsidian” by Rafael Gutierrez at UTSA’s Student E-Gallery on the 4th floor of the art building. The presentation, which is a mixture of painting and new media art, was inspired by Neo-Expressionists like Jean-Michel Basquiat as well as prehistoric cave drawings, and served to bring a new conversation to the table about painting. The title is a reflection of that, as Obsidian is a sharp, black volcanic rock that symbolizes the cutting-edge work in this art exhibit.

“Obsidian” began as a still image on a stretched canvas then progressed to a projection of flashing lights with a mixture of sound, painting and new media. The flashing lights were timed to electronic beats to enhance the visual experience by maintaining the spectator’s interest for a longer span of time. Usually individuals viewing artistic pieces spend less than a minute on a piece before moving on to another piece, but with this particular type of exhibit, individuals are given a reason to stay for the four-minute viewing; they can’t get the full experience of the work otherwise.

Gutierrez is currently producing more art projects that expand on “Obsidian.” He feels that the support of his professors and peers serves as motivation for him to create more projects.