The Walking Dead S04E13 “Alone” recap

This week’s episode of AMC’s “The Walking Dead” wasn’t nearly as happy as episode 11’s conclusion which saw Beth and Daryl burning down a house after a long night of drinking. This episode started with an intense shootout with Sasha and Maggie fighting zombies in a deep fog, giving viewers a brief scare that Bob was bitten only to find out that the zombie’s teeth didn’t pierce his skin. Daryl is training Beth on how to track prey when they run into a trap laid out in the forest. Just who is laying out these traps?

Maggie, Bob and Sasha find the same sign that mentioned a sanctuary that Michonne, Carl and Rick saw several episodes earlier and start out down that path in the pursuit of Glenn and other survivors.

Beth and Daryl discover a clean, recently inhabited funeral home where someone has been restoring dead walkers and giving them respectable funeral services. Beth says this is beautiful that someone in their horrible world remembers that these zombies were once real people.

Maggie abandons Bob and Sasha in her pursuit for Glenn and they set out to help her. Bob, a recovering alcoholic, serves as the moral compass for the group since Sasha doesn’t believe they should look for survivors. Maggie starts leaving messages for Glenn to go to Terminus, the supposed safe haven that Carl, Michonne, and Rick are also heading towards.

Next we see Bob confronting Sasha about why she’s afraid to go to Terminus, asking her if she really thinks Tyreese is dead. Little does she know Tyreese is heading towards Terminus with Carol and the girls. Back in the funeral home, Daryl shows some signs of optimism and proposes that they stay there for a while. Of course this an ominous sign as zombies swarm the house. It appears that this was intentional on someone’s behalf and may be related to the trap they encountered in the woods as Beth is kidnapped by a mysterious person who speeds away in a car.

Bob tries to convince Sasha to continue towards Terminus, even using a kiss to try to persuade her. This doesn’t work and Bob sets out to find Maggie and Terminus without her. Sasha sets up in the attic of an abandoned building only to discover Maggie taking a nap between two zombies. It wouldn’t be an episode of The Walking Dead if both of them weren’t attacked by biters at this exact moment. They fend them off successfully and it turns out Maggie accepted the fact that her husband, Glenn, is probably dead but she can’t stop searching for him. Maggie convinces Sasha to commit to the Terminus idea.

Daryl is found by a shifty looking group led by a man named Joe. They have a brief stare down but eventually Daryl agree to join their group. Joe, their leader, makes the comment “why hurt yourself when you can hurt other people,” hinting that this group isn’t the best bunch of individuals out there.

The conclusion of the episode shows Maggie, Sasha and Bob re-uniting on the path towards Terminus while also revealing that Glenn has finally found one of the Terminus signs on the railroad. The episode stops before it is shown whether Glenn found one of the Terminus signs that Maggie left a note for him at or if he’s at one ahead of her.

There are only three episodes left this season for The Walking Dead and things are getting intense. Beth has been kidnapped, Daryl is with a group of sadistic strangers and the rest of the group is heading towards Terminus. Rick, Carl, Michonne, Maggie, Glen and others are sure to be reunited by season’s end but inevitably someone will not make it. That still leaves the question of who took Beth and how

Daryl find the group. Not to mention if Sgt. Ford really does know what caused the zombie apocalypse and if that will give fans hope for an actual ending where the characters are freed from a world filled with zombies.

“The Walking Dead” airs at 8 p.m. on AMC.