5 things to do in college before you graduate

College shouldn’t be all about parties and papers. There are some things that might go unnoticed but that make the college experience even better. Here are five things to do in college before you graduate.

1.) Pull an all-nighter Sure it sounds cliche, but no college experience is complete without depriving yourself of sleep to finish up that project, or maybe just to hang out. Coffee and energy drinks are recommended but not required.

2.) Bomb a test No one wants to fail a class, but sometimes understanding your own limits can help you become a better student in the long run. Hopefully it’ll give you that extra kick you need to start hitting the books instead of going out the night beofre.

3.) Join a Student Organization Maybe you care about a political cause or want to get some experience related to your major. Either way, there’s bound to be some like-minded students on campus who can help you expand your horizons beyond the classroom.

4.) Go to a sporting event Maybe the team isn’t that great, but it doesn’t matter. Whether it’s football, basketball or softball there are plenty of chances to support the team by donning the orange and blue and yelling until you’re hoarse.

5.) Take a class “just because” Sure, you want to graduate on time and want to stick to your degree plan. But maybe that one History of Architecture class or a seminar on the Geography of Latin America is enough to get you out of your comfort zone and learn something interesting in the process.