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The Paisano

5 Things UTSA Students Do Instead of Studying

I know it is spring break, and mid-terms are a thing of the past, but finals are fast approaching and the many tests before the finals are just around the corner. It is not rocket science that college students procrastinate, but how they do it, well, that is up for opinion. With that being said, here is a list of my best guess for what college students do while procrastinating to study.

1. Try to rationalize why they don’t need to study till last minute.

One of the many things college students do while not studying for a test is convince themselves that they are not studying for a good reason. This can be accomplished by dismissing the difficulty level of the test, complimenting the professor’s ability to give students a pass, or making themselves out to be smarter than they really are.

2. Party for the extroverts and Netflix for the introverts.

A good reason for UTSA students not to study for an important upcoming test is an equally important upcoming birthday party of a friend at Maverick Creek. When your choices are free alcohol or a successful college career, it’s hard to see why free alcohol would not win out. For the introverts, binge watching House of Cards on Netflix definitely trumps reading three hundred pages or more of mostly incoherent intellectual gibberish. Note: I’m being sarcastic.

3. Go to a show in Austin.

This is specific for all students living in San Antonio, not just UTSA. All students have the luxury of checking into Austin at the slightest whim. Some San Antonio students would prefer a free show in Austin to a weekend all-nighter study session with coffee for company.

4. Work on another class’s project or assignment last minute.

When is the best time to finish up an assignment or project that you’ve had two weeks to work on? The night before the test of another. It’s very simple, you start reading for a test, then you get lost google searching random things, then you remember you have a project or assignment due in a couple of days, then you decide to finish it up really quick and get back to studying.

5. Playing video games at The Roost

During last year’s finals there were way too many people at the roost. There were so many people, that I had to be put on the waitlist to play a video game. Apparently going to The Roost instead of studying is a UTSA favorite past time.

To the readers, what are some things you do instead of studying?

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