SXSW 2014 day 2 recap

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Day one of SXSW was a blast and day two was even better. The start to my day was not the greatest. Parking at SXSW is something that is almost impossible to find. I parked in a lot that was a two mile walk to even be in the SXSW area. After my walk I decided to hang around the convention center until noon. I had been asked to interview a San Antonio band that was performing at a showcase later in the day. When I arrived at the Thirsty Nickel, the bands manager met me outside and introduced me to Hydra Melody. Great guys and were definitely a fun interview. After I had finished the interview, I walked back to the convention center to start doing my write up. Shortly after arriving, I received a call from the manager asking me to interview two other bands! I was not going to turn down a chance like that. I rushed back to the Thirsty Nickel and was pleased to meet the bands Quiet Company and NGHBRS. Both bands were extremely nice and seemed to having a fun time at SXSW. Once the interviews were complete, I once again headed back to the convention center to do my writing. Once completed, I had a three hour gap before the first showcase I wanted to catch for the night. I decided to walk around the center of all the chaos that is SXSW, 6th street. There, I stopped and watched random street performers and also stopped by the Vans pop-up store. There, I watched as BMX riders performed tricks up and down an official Vans ramp. Before the first showcase, I decided to get something to eat. What better thing to eat in Austin than the pizza?! Roppolo’s Pizzeria has always been my favorite, and this trip reminded me why I consider this pizza the best pizza in Austin. My journey then took me to the Mohawk to see one of my favorite singer songwriters, Dave Hause. His performance blew me away and just left me wanting more. Once the set was over, I ventured to 2nd street to meet up with other editors from The Paisano. We walked around and found an interesting showcase that was being performed by Band of Skulls. After the showcase had ended, it was time for the last showcase of the night. I made my way to Red 7 with Rafael to see Against Me!. Before entering the venue, I had told Rafael that I would not be brining my camera in because I was too afraid I would break it from being too involved with the crowd, and I was right. I sang along to all my favorite Against Me! songs, pushed and shoved with the crowd, and Rafael took some great photos of the band. Once the showcase was over, we met back up with our fellow Paisano editors and decided to call it a night at 3a.m. Day two was a blast and tomorrow I have off. I’ll be covering day four as soon as it happens so stay tuned.