Band Preview: Quiet Company

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Quiet company is an alternative rock band from Austin, Texas that captures all listeners with their tranquil sound and heart felt lyrics. They have been featured on Esquire’s 2014 “SXSW Bands You Need To Hear”, and have won ten Austin Music awards throughout the years. I had the chance to catch up with Quiet Company’s vocalist, Taylor Muse, on their day off at SXSW outside of the Thirsty Nickel. When asked about the bands experiences with SXSW, Taylor had nothing but positive things to say about the annual Austin Music Festival. He stated that “there’s kind of a summer camp kind of feeling” and “It becomes a part of your everyday life.” We continued to talk about new music for the band where Taylor confirmed that a new record has been recorded live but a release date has not been set. “We would always hear people telling us regularly that our records were good, but live there’s so much more energy. So we thought we should try to record that way and see if that captures (the energy) more.”

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