DIY the College Way: No Bake Strawberry Icebox Cake

This week I am making a sweet dessert full of strawberries, graham crackers and cool whip! Very delicious and very good. I found this recipe on Pinterest, here is the website to find the recipe and steps to make this.

Here we see the expected outcome.

Read more to find out how I made it.

Ok first thing, gather up your ingredients to make this sweet dessert you will need:

·3 lbs of strawberries

·Graham crackers

·2 cool whip 8oz containers

·A pan

Next, cover the pan with a thin layer of cool whip like so

The only pan we have is an 8”X 8” so of course its not going to have as many layers or be as wide. After layering the cool whip you place the graham crackers down. With whatever size pan you have just fill in all the spaces

After that, layer it with some more cool whip and place in the strawberries. My roommate helped with the slicing. I like strawberries sliced small but you can do yours however.

After placing the strawberries you add another layer of cool whip and repeat the process with the graham crackers. The recipe says to do this 3 more times but my pan was small so I only did 2 layers.

This was the end result. I didn’t care to have chocolate over it so I skipped that part after reading the recipe. It does not look as fancy but I am more than sure it will taste great. Now I am going to wait the required cooling time which is 4 hrs and then dig into this lovely sweet dessert.