Skateboarders need to grow up

I think it should be a crime! I don’t think that they should be allowed to use them on campus at all.

It’s a hazard! People who use skateboards are permanetely attached to them.

They use them in crowded areas and can’t keep from doing tricks on them.

It’s habit!

They can damage property in the process. They get too close to pedestrians and cars and can cause an accident.

On Sept. 1, 2009, I was walking down the hall to get to my class and saw a guy standing in the hall talking to a couple of others.

Well, while he was standing there he had his skateboard on the floor with one foot on it. He was rolling the skateboard with his foot back and forth.

I thought to myself, “Look at this guy! He’s not worrying about people passing by behind him.” He might roll it back at just the right moment when someone is walking behind him and trip someone.

I was worried it might be me because I had to pass him to go down the hall.

He was just rolling it back and forth without concern for people passing by in a crowded hallway.

Yeah, after my class ended that day I went and picked up The Paisano newspaper to read and saw this article talking about the issue I had earlier concerning skateboards.

I think guys who use skateboards have a lot of growing up to do; it’s college.

I would never date one of those guys.

I’d rather date a guy who uses the bus or a car as a form of transportation.

I see skateboards as a thing for kids and teens, not college students.