Girls S03E12 “Two Plane Rides” recap

“Girls” Sunday night season finale left our favorite girls facing some big life questions. The episode opened by answering: what happened to Adam’s sister Caroline? Hannah finds out while getting her mail that not only is she living and dating drug-addicted Laird (the one with the turtle stuffed in a plastic bottle) but is also having his baby. Caroline is adamant that she is having a girl as she can feel the female genitalia growing inside her. Oh Caroline.

Hannah then gets some exciting news. She’s been accepted into Iowa’s Writers’ Workshop, a prestigious graduate program. Hannah calls her parents to tell them the good news, but also voices her hesitations about leaving. New York is her home and moving would be tricky from finding a place to live, to meeting new people and finding a new frozen yogurt place (though that one probably isn’t as big a deal). Her parents are insistent that she take this new opportunity, no matter the cost.

Meanwhile Jessa, who is working for the artist she met at Marnie’s gallery last episode, is stuck with a dilemma. The artist has asked Jessa to help her die by way of drugs because she can’t bear the pain she currently lives with. She goes as far as to tell Jessa that she wakes up disappointed because she didn’t die in her sleep the previous night. Jessa is hesitant to help, but is compassionate towards the woman who has entrusted her with such a task.

Across the city, Shoshanna is picking up her cap and gown when she is told her name is flagged, meaning she won’t be able to pick up her graduation package till she sees an advisor. The next scene is of Shoshanna tossing things around her apartment in what can only be assumed is anger. Marnie then stops by (after we saw her not only apologize to Hannah again for seeing her and Ray together, but also freak out in congratulations over Hannah’s acceptance to Iowa) and relates her own college mishaps after Shoshanna reveals that she failed a class and is unable to graduate. Then Marnie, with her great timing, tells Shoshanna about how she slept with Ray – multiple times – so she can assuage her guilt. Shoshanna, unable to take this news calmly, rushes Marnie and screams that she hates her.

Fast forward and it’s the opening night of Adam’s Broadway debut and every one – minus Jessa who is helping her artist employer die with dignity – is there. Hannah visits Adam backstage and though she starts off with a heartwarming speech about how proud of him she is, and how she inspires him, she quickly makes it about herself and lets him know of her acceptance into the graduate writing program. Marnie visits Desi to wish him luck and to give him an opening night present – a guitar pick that once belonged to James Taylor. The tension that has been building since we first met Desi finally reaches its breaking point, and they proceed to make out in his dressing room.

During intermission, before Adam has even gone on, Shoshanna confronts Ray. Though she starts out angry, she turns the table on him and confesses that she wants him back. Shoshanna admits that when they were together, she was more in control of her life. Ray ultimately lets her down, and though he is thankful for how she helped him get his life together, he believes they are in different places. Ray leaves a heartbroken Shoshanna in the lobby as the lights flash for the second act.

The play goes by smoothly, or so Hannah and the audience believes. After the show, Hannah and Elijah wait outside of the theater for Adam to congratulate him on his amazing performance, but he is having none of it. Adam claims that he was awful and all thanks to Hannah messing with his head by telling him of her admittance to a graduate program. Hannah retaliates by saying that she thought this news would be good for them as couple because now they both have career opportunities to look forward to. Adam asks if Hannah is leaving him and she points out that he left the apartment—though he only moved a few blocks away. Their argument comes to a close when Adam says he’s sick of trying to work it out and Hannah is taken aback. She congratulates him on his performance and leaves.

The episode didn’t leave any one character’s storyline wrapped up nice and neat. For the first time, Hannah is left with the most hopeful ending, as the episode ended with her hugging her acceptance letter and smiling. She has the highest prospects as she’s finally learned that being in a relationship is not the end-all-be-all of happiness in life. Marnie is left pining over a guy whose girlfriend is onto her romantic advances. She may have her album to work on, but whatever is going to happen to the gallery she’s working in will probably be more worthwhile. We left Jessa who was continuing to help her elderly friend as she decided she wasn’t actually ready to die. This will hopefully play into Jessa’s decision making next season where she will value herself more. Shoshanna is left with probably the worst prospects. If she is not graduating, where does that leave our beloved Shoshanna on her life-plan and goals?

The third season of “Girls” finished up with more questions than answers, but if Lena Dunham has proved anything, there is nothing she can’t handle.