No offense, but Dillard-Collard sucks

Is your Dillard-Carroll review a joke?? I’m here at work reading The Paisano, and since I’ve got nothing else to do I figure I’ll give this Dillard-Carroll guy a listen. After hearing “Animal” and “I feel like dancin” I thought I was listening to the “What what in my butt” guy.

This is straight out of Napolean Dynamite. He cannot be serious. If he is, shame on him.

But your seriousness! Your seriousness is inexcusable. Talkin all this “cuz i’m typically a metalhead.”

Fie! Lies! Calamity! Calamitous fie!

I don’t think more than 10 people in this entire university will read your little review (and I still can’t believe you were allowed to say “nice” in line three), and of those 10, I can’t imagine more than two going out of their way to hear Darroll-Collard (hah).

But as I am one of those two, my ears are tainted….sullied…my eyes, in a strange synaesthetic turn of events, too, are tarnished.

Haha…Dillard-Carroll. What an article.

PS: no offense.