The Walking Dead S04E15 ‘Us’ recap

There are only two episodes left this season for AMC’s “The Walking Dead” and the show refuses to shy away from having entire episodes focus on individual characters while ignoring the rest of the cast. Episode 15 starred Glenn, Sgt. Ford and company traveling to Terminus. Keeping with the slow approach, the beginning parts of the episode spent time fleshing out the characters of Eugene and Sgt. Ford.

After weeks of not having any contact with the other survivors from the prison, Glenn finally discovers one of the messages Maggie left for him. This is the first real sign of hope for the show’s characters in a long time. That said, you can’t help but feel like the writers are simply dangling some positivity in front of fans only to yank it back later with a major character’s death.

After that we see Daryl trying to fit in with his new group of mysterious bandits. Of course, that doesn’t go over well as the bandits try to force Daryl to conform to their odd set of rules. Somewhere else on the train tracks, Glenn makes a deal with Sgt. Ford to continue traveling since he’s hell-bent on finding Maggie. Ford’s wife brings up a good point when she calls Glenn an asshole as he’s abusing the fact that Tara will do whatever he says to help him find Maggie because Tara feels guilty about helping the Governor destroy the prison. It’s a point that may not have been obvious to fans of Glenn’s character; he’s very determined to find his wife that he completely ignores how heart-broken and depressed Tara is about what she did.

Back with Daryl, the leader of the bandits tries to convince him that he’s like an outdoor cat and says there is nothing sadder than an outdoor cat that thinks it is an indoor, domestic cat. Daryl continues to refuse the group’s help, making viewers wonder how he’ll ever be reunited with Beth or pursue her capturer.

Just before Tara and Glenn enter a dark tunnel Tara reveals that she’s a lesbian and lost her long-time girlfriend to walkers when the outbreak originally started. She confesses to Glenn how she believed in the Governor and didn’t realize the evil she was participating in until the Governor decapitated Glenn’s father-in-law back in episode eight.

They push through the tunnel only to discover an impossible horde of walkers waiting for them, leading them to wonder how Maggie, Sasha and Bob possibly made it through the tunnel. They create a distraction for the walkers so that they can pass by them undetected. Then again, nothing in The Walking Dead ever goes according to plan.

Eugene tricks Sgt. Ford into following Glenn and Tara’s trail only to be shocked by something they see in the distance, which of course the show doesn’t reveal immediately. Daryl narrowly escapes a beating with his group of bandits by telling the truth. This tense moment is followed up by a tender one, as Glenn and Tara are almost done in by a group of walkers when Maggie and friends save them at the very last second.

Once again, any “Walking Dead” friend can’t help but feel like something bad has to happen anytime there is a feel-good moment, hanging a cloud over this emotional reunion. It turns out Maggie was the “shocking’ thing Ford saw in the distance. Bob, Sasha, Maggie, Tara, Sgt. Ford and Eugene agree to finish the trip to Terminus though Ford is still apprehensive about doing so.

It turns out that the bandits are hunting Rick since Rick took out one of their men back in the abandoned house earlier in the season. The episode concludes dramatically as Glenn’s group discovers Terminus, a clean looking place with a welcoming garden in the entrance. They meet a nice woman named Mary who offers them food and shelter and they’re delighted to finally have a safe haven.

Judging by the sneak peek for next week’s season finale, it looks like the season will end with Daryl’s bandit group trying to murder Rick, Michonne and Carl. Will Daryl go along with his new friends or will he side with old companions? Is Terminus really what it seems? The final episode of season four of The Walking Dead is upon us and is shaping up to have an intense climax. Remember folks, fear the living not the dead.

“The Walking Dead” airs on Sundays at 8 p.m. on AMC.