New Construction: Prado

Located at UTSA Boulevard and Roadrunner Way, the Prado Student Living complex will be ready for students fall 2014. Leasing has already begun, and Prado’s amenities and features have people buzzing on social media.

Prado’s main feature is student living, but unlike other complexes around UTSA, it will offer a commodity not featured in many other apartments: retail space.

The Prado building will include retail space on the first floor — a design layout used in urban locations such as The Pearl downtown. Along with easy access to shops, Prado is hoping to set up a food delivery service with The Block for tenants.

Keeping with the boutique-hotel theme, Prado offers premium features and services, such as a modern fitness center (where there will be a studio for Yoga, Pilates and Zumba classes), a digital gaming center, study lounges, a cyber cafe with a coffee bar and a swimming pool.

A resident courtyard within the complex and a gated five-story parking garage help distinguish Prado from other complexes in the area.

Floor plans range from studio apartments starting at $965 a month, one-bedrooms at $985, two-bedrooms between $680 and $790, three-bedrooms at $750, four-bedrooms between $695 and $700 and five-bedrooms at $685. Every lease is individual and includes the cost of cable, Internet, apartment furnishings and a $50 monthly electricity bill. Amenities include walk-in closets, patio balconies, 50’’ flat-screen TVs and oversized soaking tubs.

This luxury comes at a price. Unlike other complexes that lease from $400-$800 depending on room and space, Prado’s prices are a bit steeper for the average college student. Additionally, there is an added cost for parking at $35 per month. Total cost is most likely $700 per month or more.

However, including most utilities in the rent is a plus, and its close proximity to UTSA’s main campus is great for students looking to cut costs on gas and parking permits by walking, biking or using the shuttle service.

If anyone is looking to experience a luxurious style of living during college, Prado would be a good fit. Its numerous features and amenities along with its impressive urban design is attractive but also expensive.

For more information, visit Prado’s leasing center located on the Drag or