A day to celebrate book-lovers and imagination: The San Antonio book festival

A world without books is a world without imagination. The San Antonio Book Festival (SABF) is around the corner. Readers and writers unite to celebrate imagination, ideas, books and literary culture. Readers have the opportunity to meet authors such as Sandra Cisneros and listen to each of them read an excerpt of their well-known novels.

The festival is a program of the San Antonio Public Library Foundation (SAPLF). SAPLF is a nonprofit institution with a Board of Director of almost 100 members that raise fundings to provide a book festival in San Antonio. The SAPLF staff assists the SABF staff, the SABF Advisory Committee and the SABF Event-planning Committee, which over 40 volunteer chairs, oversee 250 event volunteers.

SABF is a free, all-day event featuring 90 authors. Last year, the first SABF, presented only 60 authors and had more than 4,000 visitors. SABF board members expect to have double the amount of festival-goers this year. The Central Library Activity Author Presentations will be divided into five venues: the Library Auditorium (first floor), Library Gallery (first floor), Swartz Room (second floor), West Terrace (third floor) and the Story Room (third floor). Book sales will take place at the Chihuly Atrium located on the second floor and author signings will be located in the Reference Area.

In the Southwest School of Art (Navarro Campus), the author presentations will take place in Roger Hall located in the first floor. In the Ursuline Campus, author presentations will take place in the Copper Kitchen and cookbook sales, presentations and signings will take place in the cooking tent.

The festival will take place downtown at the Central Library and Southwest School of Art. The author presentations will take place indoors while simultaneous activities take place outside. Outdoor activities includes but are not limited to book sales, signings, children’s story time, family activities and a technology area. Food trucks will also be provided throughout the day to grab a snack while listening to the authors’ lectures.

Free parking will be provided in the Frost Bank surface lot at Flores Street and Travis Street, as well as at Houston Street. Free two-hour street parking on the east side of Richmond Avenue and on the south side of Dallas Street and west side of Lexington Avenue will also be provided.

Remember, take a chance to grow your imagination by celebrating books and literary culture at the free San Antonio Book Festival. The event will be held on Saturday, Apr. 4 from 10am-8pm. For schedules and more information, visit saplf.org/festival/festival-schedule.