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A league of their own: Inside UTSA ESports

Did you know UTSA has a nationally-ranked, playoff-bound eSports team? UTSA has two teams that participate in the C-Star League, an eSports gaming competition that pits colleges around the U.S. against each other in online matches in Riot Games’s incredibly popular, massive online battle arena title, “League of Legends.”

Over 32 million people play “League of Legends” every day, and one of UTSA’s own students is ranked in the top 200 players in all of North America. The Division II team is about to enter the C-Star League National Championship Tournament with an impressive 5 – 1 record, with their only loss coming to the undefeated and number one seed University of Florida.

Of course the team can’t stop to celebrate their stellar season, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get to know a few of the standout players from UTSA’s nationally ranked “League of Legends” team.

Student Name: Levi Moreno

Skills: Moreno is the captain of UTSA’s LoL team. He was a perfect selection as team leader as he has been ranked in the top 200 of all “League of Legends” players in North America. Typically, Moreno plays the role of Jungler. A Jungler in LoL isn’t tied to lanes on the game map during battles, which allows them to use unpredictable positioning and perform surprise attacks on enemies. In the game, Moreno goes by the user name, Take The Draw.

Student Name: Aaron Hill

Skills: Hill typically engages in battle exclusively in the top portions of maps. He has been an avid “League of Legends” player for over three years and is the team’s go-to guy for testing out new attack theories and crafting strategies. Hill is known as Attila to the many players he’s bested.

Student Name: Dal Kim

Skills: Kim sticks to the middle sections of maps while in-game. After trying out for the team his skills were so obvious that there was no question that he was the best in his role. Kim goes by the username SilvrSnowXPn and has amassed more than 10,000 kills.

Student Name: Alvin Deng

Skills: Deng is the captain of the Division I team and is originally from Houston. He plays a support role in some very unconventional ways but is one of the team’s standout members. Deng is a force to be reckoned with as he’s amassed over 600 wins and an impressive 130,000-plus minion kills. His opponents have learned to fear the username WINDWAYize.

Student Name: Brian Garza

Skills: Garza plays as an AD Carry which means he is the most powerful person in every match, dealing the most damage at all times. This also makes him the target for the opposing team. Garza likes to play a wide range of video games while away from competitively playing “League of Legends.” He’s best known for having the keen ability to get out of sticky situations that would end up in death for most other players. Online he goes by the username, Doylexa.

Student Name: Godwin Wong

Skills: Wong plays support and has racked up nearly 15,000 assists and almost 1,000 career wins. Playing support requires patience and a team-first attitude, both of which Godwin has. The support role is arguably the most important role in “League of Legends” and every team needs a solid player like Wong.

UTSA’s “League of Legends” is on the verge of winning the C-Star League National Championship, and it’s clear with talented players like this how they’ve gotten this far. With multiple team members departing after graduation this May, it will be important for the team to recruit new members next year to succeed veterans like Wong, Hill and Moreno.

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