Texas-sized eats and treats

Final exams are coming up and you’re busy with various assignments due one after the other. Where can you relax, enjoy some food and have a good time with friends?

A variety of restaurants around the city are notable not only for their delicious foods but also their serving size. Some of these restaurants have also gained national attention because of the Travel Channel’s popular TV series “Man vs. Food.”

Listed below are five restaurants to visit and tackle their Texas-sized foods with friends and family.

1. “The Sheriff’s Special”— Lulu’s Bakery and Café (918 North Main Avenue)

Lulu’s famous chicken fried steak is a fried tender cut of beef served on a plate that can barely hold it and is topped with homemade gravy or a cheddar cheese queso sauce, a scoop of mashed potatoes and vegetables. If you want to share something sweet, then order Lulu’s super-sized, three-pound cinnamon roll that is made fresh daily. For more information, visit their website at luluscafesa.com.

2. “Big Lou 42”—Big Lou’s Pizza (2048 South WW White Road)

Not only is this pizza joint well known for its wings and pizzas, Big Lou’s is also home to monster-sized 42” pizzas. The three-and-a-half-foot, thirty-pound pizza with a generous amount of various toppings is the ultimate party item for a large group of people. One slice of the pizza is the same length of the entire pie and requires two plates. Another Texas-sized food offered at Big Lou’s is their 10” calzone that can be ordered with all of the restaurant’s toppings stuffed inside. Browse for more information at their website at biglouspizza-satx.com

3. “The Four Horseman Burger”—Chunky’s Burgers and More (4602 Callaghan Road)

Chunky’s impressive half-pound burgers are paired with interesting ingredients. There’s the Island Burger with teriyaki sauce and pineapples; the Monterrey Burger with ham, cheese and avocado; or the Black Bean Chipotle Burger that has a black bean patty with chipotle mayo sauce. And then there is the extremely spicy, Texas-sized Four Horseman Burger. Chunky’s requires you to sign a waiver to eat this burger, since it contains jalapeño and serrano peppers, a habanero sauce and the ghost (jolokia) pepper. For more information on the menu and the guideline for The Four Horseman food challenge, visit Chunky’s website at mychunkysburgers.com

4. “The Giants”—Armadillos Texas Style Burgers (1423 McCullough Avenue)

Armadillos, a famous local spot since 2002, bought the location from Little Hipps. Though the establishment is small, its burgers are huge. Armadillos’ popular dishes include The Giants where a single meat is one-and-a-half pounds, and its double meat is three pounds. There are three types of burgers that you can order for the Giants style; the bacon cheese burger, mushroom burger and cheese burger. Fries, onion rings and tater tots are available to add on to your order. For more information on Armadillo’s, visit their website at armadillosburgers.com