Crayon Splatter Painting

Alright everyone, this is going to be some fun crayon melting craft that is artsy and super awesome!!! My roommate is the one who told me about it and I’m glad for it. So here is the expectation! Let’s see what we come up with

Alright first, here are the materials you will need:

·newspaper (anything to shield from crayon splatter)

·tape (to hold up the newspaper)

·64 box set of crayons

·canvas (your choice of size)

·blow dryer

·glue (hot glue gun mainly)

1.Set up your area. I worked next to the wall and since I live in a college dorm, and I can not get anything dirty/ruined. So if you don’t want to make a mess either put up allot of newspaper because you have no idea how far the crayon might splatter.

2.Next line up the crayons to know how many you will need. I had a 12×16 canvas and placed 32 crayons on it.

3.After that, put on the glue and place your crayons as you like. (note: we only had fabric glue but it still worked so use whatever glue you want/can)

4.Once you have all your crayons glued you can start melting!

5. Place your canvas against a wall or wherever, and warm up the crayons with the blow dryer

6.This is a long process but very fun and entertaining. Use different techniques and figure out what look you want as you get used to it. I’m sure every blow dryer is different. Personally, I like to get really close and smooth it over the canvas as it melts. I tried to show how close I got to the canvas in my pictures.

7. Every crayon is different! Some will melt faster than others. For me the green splattered allot and the black crayon did not melt as easily as the others it took longer.

So once done you can look at your beautiful work and admire it!

I hope you had fun while making this because I sure did! Alright see you next time!