My celebrity moment


This past Saturday I got to meet one of my favorite soccer players, Claudio Reyna, and he definitely lived up to all my expectations (except I thought he was taller).

Reyna was visiting San Antonio to host a soccer clinic for the Classic Elite Soccer Academy. The clinic was strictly for the Classic Elite players, but non-players could watch as well as get autographs from Reyna.

At the close of the clinic I was able to speak to Reyna; it was a very short interview, but it was just long enough to make this soccer fan happy.

Having retired in 2008, Reyna dedicates more of his time, traveling across the U.S. and teaching youths soccer. “It’s just fun to give back and teach, any little bit they can take home from me the better,” Reyna said.

I was also able to ask him about the World Cup scheduled for June. He is hopeful that the U.S. will advance past the group stage, but “whatever the outcome, as long as they make us proud and play hard, I think everyone here in the United States will be happy”.

Reyna will be returning to San Antonio this July for the Battle de Toro.