Band Preview: Moon Honey

Moon honey photo

“Cotton candy dipped in peyote.”NPR,“Whirlwind virtuosity.”New York Times. These definitions are as close as one can get to accurately describing the sound of Moon Honey, a band from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. With tranquil vocals, various tempo changes, and psychedelic break downs, Moon Honey sends any listener on an adventure of sound.

Their debut album, Hand-Painted Dream, offers this enticing experience from start to finish. The opening track “Cathedral” serves as a great set up for the entire album. The track is a slow, steady buildup of lyrics and sound that comes clashing with a psychedelic rock sound and tempo changes that pulls the listener in. Throughout the album, there are several highlights that offer different instruments and sounds that make for an enjoyable and exciting listening experience. “Lady Lazarus” is one of the more driven tracks on the album. The track keeps a steady driven drum beat that makes one want to get up and dance. The addition of a flute and saxophone at various parts throughout the track makes for an eerie folk/baroque sound that grabs listener’s attention and sends them on a folk rock journey like no other. “Voice of the Voiceless” is an angrier track on the album. With lyrics such as “we used a language and a pen, to say no more oppression, but for those with different tools, we’ll make exceptions” and “humans are sometimes tools, and sometimes animals, which are almost always tools” it is clear that this track is playing on the hypocrisy of mankind. With intensely distorted guitars, full striking drums, and piercing vocals, this track plays more on a straight forward rock sound than other tracks on the album. The final track “The Lovers II” is the perfect ending to this album. The lyrics and overall sound of the track truly brings the entire album together and leaves the listener wanting more but yet fully satisfied with what they just heard.

On April 20 Moon Honey will be playing Limelight here in San Antonio, Tx. “They are well known for providing performances that often incorporates inspired artistic extras such as string quartets, harpists, experimental dancers and choirs, choreographed dome projections, film reel projections, light shows, and traditional art installments. Their ever evolving style, musical vision, and reputation for putting on larger-than-life live performances has caused them to be called Intense, direct, driving; hypnotically focused with excellent execution; extremely skilled at filling up a venue, with both people and sound” (DIG Magazine, 2012) Moon Honey is a band that you do not want to miss. Check them out this Sunday night and get lost in a whole new psychedelic rock experience.

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