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The Paisano

Independent Student Newspaper for the University of Texas at San Antonio

The Paisano

Independent Student Newspaper for the University of Texas at San Antonio

The Paisano

Whip your brain into shape

Now that school is beginning, be sure to check out these apps that minimize stress levels and increase brain activity. They are all available on Android and iPhone smartphones.

Duolingo (Free)

Want to learn a new language this semester? Duolingo can help! With courses in Spanish, French, German, Italian and Portuguese, there is a wide variety to choose from. Through fun interactive reading games, the app covers not only the basics, but also advanced lessons for the more complex areas of speaking. With a little work, that study-abroad trip to Rome, just might be doable now!

Lumosity (Free Access, $5/month yearly subscription, or $11.95/ month monthly subscription)

So, you have done all of that homework and assigned reading, but you’re still looking to exercise the old noggin. Look no further than Lumosity. Both the app and website feature fast-paced number and memory games designed to increase mental performance in areas focusing on attention span and problem-solving. To access more games and to get an in-depth personalized training, you may want to look into buying a subscription to the program, but don’t let the price tag turn you away – the free games are just as fun and challenging.

SimpleMind (Free)

One of the best ways to organize potential topics and ideas for projects and homework assignments is to use a mind map, and the SimpleMind app allows to you to do just that. You can customize how many concepts and branches you want while adding notes along the way. It may not be the best thing to use during lectures, as it would be disrespectful for students to be glued to their phones, but it can be a great tool to use for group study sessions and to organize notes after class.

Mint Personal Finance (Free)

Keeping track of finances has never been this easy. Mint not only keeps track of your debit and credit banking, but also allows you to set up a budget for spending on things like entertainment, dining out and shopping. Mint also alerts you when your account drops too low, or when spending exceeds your cash flow for the month, keeping you up to date on your finances. Mom and dad would be proud.

QuizUp (Free)

Although QuizUp may have some quirky topics (looking at you, Frozen and HIMYM), don’t let that fool you. This app also features fast-paced quizzes in educational topics ranging from “Name that Element” to “Ancient Greece.” You may not be able to customize the facts for studying, but you will be hooked on racking up points in no time. Who knows? You might even walk away learning a thing or two from challenging friends and fellow players from across the globe.

myHomework Student Planner (Free)

Long gone are the days when keeping a spiral notebook as a planner was your only option for staying organized. myHomework Student Planner allows you to input homework, project and test schedules along with class information. Not only does the app create a calendar for you, it also sends you reminders for when upcoming assignments are due with a customizable timeframe notifying you from three weeks to one hour before the due date.

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