Stretch Your Buck!

Most college students live on a budget, and that’s okay. There is nothing wrong with living within your means. At this point in the semester, you may be feeling a financial strain after dropping cash on tuition, books and parking permit. Don’t let a low cash flow keep you from having fun throughout the semester. There are many ways you can save some money without feeling deprived. Here are a few tips to help spark your own ideas and get you on a steadier path for the semester.

Textbooks. If you haven’t bought your textbooks yet, take time to shop around. Finding books online may save you money. You can even consider renting textbooks, which can save you a good percentage of the cost. Remember, if you rent you need to care for the books. If you are big on highlighting and taking notes in the book, it may be better to go ahead and buy them.

Also, sell last semester’s books. Unless they’re books you will reference later in college or your career, get rid of them. Letting them sit on a shelf to collect dust doesn’t serve anyone.

Check out these websites for textbook savings:

Student discounts. Many places around San Antonio offer discounts for students. Flashing your student ID at certain movie theaters, restaurants and museums will help you save money on things you were already going to pay for. You need to be bold and ask; the worst they will say is no.

UTSA services. You pay for many services at UTSA. Do some research and take advantage of them. From the Rec center to printing credits, you already have some great services that might save you additional money.

Check out for links to resources that are available to you.

Coffee lovers. If you spend much of your time in a coffee shop, take a look at how much money you’re spending. A $4 drink everyday can add up quickly, and it may be beneficial for you to buy your own coffee machine. With the variety of machines available, you can find one that will make the perfect beverage for a fraction of the cost.

Nobody said that being a college student would be cheap. From tuition and fees to maintaining a social life, expenses can add up quickly. However, you aren’t doomed to eating noodles the rest of the year. Always be on the lookout for easy ways to save money-your wallet will thank you.