What is Fashion Pass?

As the fall 2014 semester kicks off with the institution’s largest incoming freshman class, busy lines stretch around the corner and Roadrunner spirit is in full force. We have been witness to various students and styles around campus. UTSA’s culture is a blend of different races, backgrounds, cultures and age groups. In today’s world, your appearance says a lot about you. For some, how you dress is an expression of who you are as an individual or the amount of time on your hands.

Some of us wake up in the morning and throw something on for the day. Meanwhile, there are others who spend 30 mins or close to an hour to make sure they look their best. No matter where you fall on the spectrum, your style is kind of like a visual resume of who you are.

Sometimes we all don’t have time to stop and chat with everyone who catches our attention, so we formulate our own initial perception based upon attire and behavior.Fashion Pass intends to break down boundaries and understand students through their clothing style. UTSA’s students shop at various stores and online shops that many of us have never heard of and admire with a passing glance as we hurry to our next class. So why not get the latest trends, sales, stores, boutiques, and do’s and don’t right here? Be on the lookout in the halls of your respective buildings this semester because you never know when you could get a Fashion Pass!

Alex Everett

Brandon Johnson and Jimmi Hendricks

Crystal Padilla

Jesse Esparza Jack Pichler

Keanna Neal Jessica Bice

Louie Escobar

Shardae Perryman

Vicki La