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Independent Student Newspaper for the University of Texas at San Antonio

The Paisano

Q&A: Students weigh-in on UTSA’s rising football program

UTSA prides itself on its up- and-coming sports program, but how much do students really know about the university’s athletics?

The Paisano took to the campus to ask students to share their experiences with the program.

First, we spoke with Alejandra, a sophomore biomedical engineering major:

Q: Could you tell me about your interest in our school’s athletics?

A: “I like football games a lot.”

Q: What is it that you like about the football games?

A: “The band. I love the band, the entrance and everything.”

Q: Before you knew about the band what was it that initially drew you to the football games?

A: “I wanted to get involved and meet new people, and I thought that football games were a great way to feel part of the community at UTSA.”

Q: How do you feel about women’s athletics here?

A: “I feel they are very underrepresented. The biggest thing about UTSA is the football team.

“I don’t really hear about women’s athletics at all. I think incorporating the women’s athletics into the student newspaper would be a good way to spread the word.”

Q: So how do you feel about our school colors and mascot?

A: “I love the orange and blue colors, honestly. Orange is my favorite color so maybe that is a part of it, but I love the combination of colors.

It’s very vibrant and the colors are really well coordinated. I feel like they are friendly and inviting. Also, I like the roadrunner. It’s different and very friendly.”

After an interview with Alejandra, the Paisano met with Tanner, an outgoing senior construction management major:

Q: What was your experience with UTSA athletics?

A: “I went to the first football game UTSA ever held when I was a freshman. I mean, you just have to go to a football game.

“The football games are fun to go to, but I actually got arrested at the first one for rushing the field. That wasn’t cool.”

Q: So you had a good time?

A: Yeah, I had a good time. I was pretty messed up. All good fun until I got arrested at the end!”

Q: What did you see at the games that other people would probably enjoy as well?

A: “The fact that it’s in the Alamodome is pretty cool. I’ve gone to other college games and they were fun and all, but you’re sitting there screaming the whole time, and even standing up, and it’s hot as hell.

“At the Alamodome, it’s nice that you can sit there and chill and tailgate a little before the games.”

Following Tanner’s endorsement of UTSA’s football team, John, a senior studying international business, also had positive remarks to say about the program:

Q: How much of an interest do you have in UTSA athletics?

A: “I don’t keep up with it too much, but I think football is what I keep up with the most.”

Q: Have you ever been to a UTSA football game?

A: “I’ve been to a couple. I go whenever I get a chance to. I initially wanted to go because they just started out.

“In Texas, football is generally the more preferred sport, and there is always that sense of community when you go to the games and everybody is rallying for UTSA. It’s always interesting — the energy, the atmosphere, everybody rooting for the same team. It’s a good time.”

Q: Is UTSA your favorite college football program?

A: “UT is my favorite team. I’ve always gone to their games growing up. All around they just seem like Texas’ team.”

Q: Could you see UTSA becoming your favorite team? Or “Texas’ team”?

A: “Oh yeah. I’m already a pretty big fan of theirs, too. The tradition is only going to continue to grow.”

To finish the Paisano’s interviews, Natalie, a second year student with an undecided major, elaborated on the idea of UTSA’s growing tradition:

Q: If you could go to one sporting event, which one would you go to?

A: “I’d probably go to a soccer game because my father was a big soccer fan and he would take me to watch games. I always had a good experience.”

Q: If you were going to choose a soccer match to go to, would you rather attend a men’s or women’s soccer match?

A: “I’ve only ever been to a men’s game, but I would go to a women’s soccer game.”

Q: What do you think could be done to get women’s sports the same recognition as men’s at UTSA?

A: “It’ll just take promotion and time. That goes for UTSA as a whole, men included. We have good programs. It’ll just take time. “

The time is now for UTSA students to support the school’s athletic program as it continues to grow in talent and tradition.

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