Chirping with the Crickets


The boys from Texas, Buddy Holly and the Crickets, became one of America’s biggest groups in the late 1950s. Buddy Holly (singer and lead guitarist) as well as the bassist, Joe B. Mauldin, hail from Lubbock, TX. Jerry Allison on drums is from Hillsboro, Texas. The only “foreigner” of the group was the Californian rhythm guitarist, Niki Sullivan. Buddy Holly was a rock and roll pioneer in his time. During his short career, Holly became one of the most loved and revered musicians, two characteristics that has kept him relevant today. Together as the Crickets, the group broke boundaries in the rock business. In 1957, Buddy Holly and the Crickets released their debut album, Chirpin’ Crickets and fame followed.

Right as you press play, the first track, “Oh, Boy!” explodes into your ears. Buddy Holly demonstrates his singing talent while the Crickets harmonize perfectly in the background. “Oh, Boy!” reached number thirteen on the R&B charts and number ten on the Billboard charts. The next track “Not Fade Away,” is an upbeat song and is one of Buddy Holly’s well-known songs. “You’ve Got Love” is a sweeter song with a great guitar solo that transports listeners into a tropical paradise.

“Maybe Baby” is another love song where Holly sings so sweetly in another great collaboration with the Crickets. The low-toned beginning of “It’s Too Late” interconnects with harmony and beauty is made once again. The track “Tell Me How” is a fast paced song that is good enough to get a good boogie going on.

The hit that made Buddy Holly famous is “That’ll Be the Day.” This song made such an impact that most of the United States danced this track to the number two spot on the R&B charts and number one on the Billboard and UK charts. “I’m Looking for Someone to Love” and “An Empty Cup (And A Broken Date)” are a perfect fast to slow combo. The Little Richard Remake, “Send Me Some Lovin’,” reminds us that Buddy Holly is a musician that doesn’t mind pushing some limits.

“Last Night” is an appropriate song to play when you are trying to spark some romance with your significant other. A soft and sweet song, this track is guaranteed to at least lead to some hand-holding on a date. A rolling-guitar introduces the final track of the album; the Elvis-sounding “Rock Me My Baby.” Holly’s rolling vocals mesh well with the guitars and drums.

Check out Chirpin’ Crickets if you’re into du-op rockabilly-like rock and roll.