Reuse, refresh, repurpose

I’ve never been a huge fan of consignment shops. The thought of wearing other people’s clothes or using items other people have used always seemed weird.

After desperately needing new jeans for work, I decided to stop by a secondhand clothing store and look for jeans I could wear and not feel bad about messing up. After digging around awhile, I ended up finding six pairs of jeans that looked relatively new and fit perfectly. To top it off, I spent $30 for all of them, while I would have spent $30 on one pair of new jeans.

After that shopping trip, I was sold on the idea of consignment shops.

Many people give away items that they no longer have a purpose for or items that they’ve replaced in favor of a newer version. Not everything will be in horrible condition, and if you can get used to the idea of buying secondhand items, you could end up saving yourself money.

There are also stores, like Plato’s Closet or Uptown Cheapskate, which only sell clothing items that are in good condition and are still in style.

If slipping on a T-shirt that someone else wore is something you can’t get used to, you can still take advantage of the other items consignment stores sell and save money that way.

From furniture to books, there are many items in the stores for which you can find a place in your home. Some items need extra attention, but with a fresh coat of paint or new fixtures, you can create a new item.

Some stores, like Salvation Army, use their revenue to support the community in need and offer centers for rehabilitation, food distribution, disaster relief and anti-human trafficking. Your money goes further into the community and helps make an impact when you buy from these stores.

If buying secondhand items still seems strange to you, consider donating unwanted items to these secondhand stores so that you can make a difference in the community.

If you’re interested in learning more about the consignment stores in San Antonio and discovering ways to save money, here are a few websites you can visit:


Plato’s Closet

Salvation Army

Clothes Mentor

Uptown Cheapskate