Goat Leaf

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A response to mainstream American music can be heard from Rotherham, South Yorkshire band, Goat Leaf. A heavy sense of groove reminiscent of 1970’s rock defines this band.

Formed in 1996, Goat Leaf was assembled by the rock ‘n roll gods to release material that is a rock‘n groover’s paradise. A band with no plan other than to play the music that they love, Goat Leaf (or the “Heavy Groove Vehicle,” as they call themselves), shows true ambition through their grooves.

Drummer Mat Washington and bassist David Main greatly help set the rhythm that’s played together so sweetly with guitarist, John Hodgson, who plays with elements of 1970’s riffs. Singer, Jonny Maycock, likes to put the harmonization effect to the bands signature sound to make the groove of the band complete.

Goat Leaf has only two albums so far and continues to put out good music with a release of an EP called, “Bitch and Moan.” Released in 2011, their debut album, “Colorscene,” is a stamp of hard rock on the envelope of music that is waiting to be mailed to the States.

From their first song, “Monkey Chains and Rat Kings,” to the last, “Sweet Sorrow,” you can tell this band is doing what they love without pressures from mainstream influence. “Monkey Chains and Rat Kings’” sound waves crash onto the shores of your eardrums with group riffs and a singer to duel with. “Epizoom” and “Oceana” have great opening riffs with Maycock harmonizing his vocals perfectly to mesh with genius musical fusion created by Goat Leaf.

“Eversky” begins with a groovy guitar riff once David Main starts finger-plucking his bass and Jonny singing a little softer to compliment the heaviness of the song. The track, “Colorscene” is a groovy song reminiscent of Led Zeppelin mixed with 1990’s grunge. “Sourdust” and “Lead Pig” are also a call to the 1990s. The final track, “Sweet Sorrow” is the exclamation point on the album with the band playing together like a jam band with purpose.

The second Goat Leaf album, “A Lack of Oxygen: Tales of Crashing Satellites,” was released in January 2013 to melt the frost off winter faces. Jonny kicks off the album by singing to a sweet riff. “Moot Point” is a quicker-paced song, and “Love Under Will,” is a slower, yet groovier, song. The following track, “Truth be Told,” is a groovy song with a psychedelic guitar solo to remind us a little of Santana or Pink Floyd. “Ain’t Got Time to Bleed” puts more of a musical harmony than some other tracks. “Herr H Atom,” and “Bare Witness” are two songs off the album that revolve around a great guitar sound. “One Last Line” pairs a surprisingly softer guitar and soft singing by Jonny to produce a beautifully melodic song. The final song, “They Fell at Tucumcari,” is the shortest song on any of the two albums but still puts heaviness in with vocals that sound a little grungy.

The biggest change between the two albums is that “A Lack of Oxygen” has a bigger overall sound than “Colorscene.” To sound more live, the band agreed to split the bass and guitar hard left and right. Although the second album seems a little bit more melodic as well, they both have the same in-your-face, groove-based, hard-rocking sound that is relevant to any rocker.

I definitely recommend watching this band closely. They just finished the UK Bloodstock festival and released their “Bitch and Moan” EPthat went on sale in August.

Videos include: “Monkey Chains and Rat Kings” , and “Ain’t Got Time to Bleed