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The Paisano

Halloween how-to’s 13 spooky and adorable Halloween ideas




Don’t have the steady hand necessary to carve the standard jack-o-lantern? Just cut off the top, clean out the inside and start drilling different sized holes! Place a tea light candle of any color inside so your designs are illuminated. With the use of different sized drill bits, there is a lot of room for creativity. You’ll end up with a super cute, original pumpkin.



Pumpkin Jars

Everything you need for these glow-in-the-dark decorations can easily be found at the dollar store. Buy a few mason jars, some glow sticks and some Halloween jack-o-lantern stickers; place the now-glowing sticks into the jar, and place the pumpkin face on the front of the jar. If you can’t find awesome pumpkin stickers, black Sharpies are a good alternative – just be sure to make the faces solid.



Cat Ears

If you have a black headband, you’re halfway there. Fold a piece of black felt in half, and cut it in the shape of ears at the fold. Wrap the ears around the headband with the tips matched up and sticking straight up; then use some fabric glue to hold it together. Purrr-fection! Folding black pipe cleaners works, too, and it also gives the ears a more subtle look.




Get a black poster board and tape it a few inches from the top of the door. Then, with yellow paper, cut out some eyes to glue on the black paper. When the eyes are done, go crazy with toilet paper, taping strips horizontally to look like mummy wrappings. You’ve got yourself one festive door.


Toilet Paper Roll Eyes

Save a few empty toilet paper rolls for these decorations. Cut out different eye shapes from the empty rolls and pop in some glow sticks. Set them up in dark places such as bushes or bathrooms, and it will appear like creepers are looking at your guests.


Reese’s Witch Brooms

Poke some pretzel sticks into the bottom of Reese’s Mini peanut butter cups. Cute party snack, or scary witch’s broom? You decide!




Not into gutting a whole pumpkin? Get some rhinestones and a glue gun to avoid the mess, and make anything you want. Can you say “Pumpkin Princess”?




Keep things simple – and scary – with writing on the mirror. When people walk into your bathroom and see, “YOU’RE NEXT!” written in blood red window paint, they will be checking behind the shower curtain, just in case!


Drip Wine


This idea is perfect for parties. Place a wine glass upside down, and apply a thick coat of glass paint around the stem so that the paint will drip down (or up!). Flip them over when they’re dry, and enjoy! Bonus points: use red paint for blood!


Lamp Shade


Need a quick decorating idea? Cutting bat shapes out of black poster board and taping them to lamp shades is the perfect solution. It’s easy, fast and festive.




You still have to eat breakfast on Halloween, right? Get some glazed donuts and dollar store vampire teeth, and voila – you have some delicious blood suckers in your presence. Bonus points: use Red Hots for eyes to make them look even scarier.




This idea is so simple. First, paint your nails black. Once dry, use a toothpick and white nail polish to make the whites of the eyes. When that dries, use another toothpick and more black paint to add crazy pupils looking in all different directions. In just three steps, you have super cute creepies on your nails.




Need something to store your candy in? These mummy jars are an easy and cute way to do just that! All you need is a few mason jars, some gauze and googly eyes. Wrap the gauze around the jars in a haphazard way, and glue on some googly eyes; you’re golden. Now your Trick-or-Treaters will have to dig inside a mummy to get their candy.

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