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The Paisano

Independent Student Newspaper for the University of Texas at San Antonio

The Paisano

    Fun Fun Fun Fest: Day 2

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    After waking up early, the media team and I decided to take our time getting to the festival grounds and stopped at a local food truck “Fry Baby” for some breakfast tacos. Savoring the taste of both the carnitas and chicken tacos I ordered, I knew today was going to be a good day.

    Once arriving to the fair grounds, I took no time making my way to the Glassjaw show. This post-hardcore band took the stage by storm and had the attending crowd involved in their entire set.

    Once the show was over, I headed to the media area to meet Andrew Low of influential Indi/punk/post-hardcore band, The Jazz June. Due to slight equipment difficulties, the interview could not be recorded on video or audio as hoped. Doing whatever it takes to get the story, we decided to simply talk to Andrew and take notes for a written interview (like we’re in the F’n stone age). Andrew talked about his time here at Fun Fun Fun and stating “it’s fuckin’ full on!” We also had the pleasure of being one of the first to talk to Andrew about The Jazz June’s newest album to be released November 11th.

    After the interview with Andrew, I felt famished. I decided to take a walk to the food truck area and find something quick to eat before heading to the next show on my list.

    I stumbled upon Chi’Lantro, the original maker of Kimchi Fries. Now, you’re probably thinking “the heck are Kimchi Fries?!” Kimchi Fries consist of caramelized Kimchi, a mound of sizzling Korean BBQ, chopped grilled onions, cheddar and Monterey Jack cheese, cilantro, a magic sauce, sriracha and sesame seeds— all set on top of a pile of crispy French fries. Every flavor blended perfectly together and made the perfect snack.

    The next show I attended was Sick Of It All. This hardcore punk band filled the crowd with energy, and every true hardcore fan was singing along.

    The last official show for day two of Fun Fun Fun Fest was the headliner, Modest Mouse. This legendary indie rock band was on every Fun Fun Fun Festival’s attendee’s to see list. The crowd in attendance was the largest I had seen in the two days. Die-hard fans danced and sang along as the band played their hearts out for the festival.

    As Modest Mouse finished their set, crowds headed into downtown Austin for the start of Fun Fun Fun Nites. During Fun Fun Fun Nites, bands filled local venues for extra free shows for all Fun Fun Fun attendees.

    My original itinerary fell through due to the death of my phone. (Rule number one of any festival: make sure your phone is charged). Luckily the show that I did attend, the ACL showcase featuring Dinasaur Jr., was well worth it.

    As expected, the rock trio put on the show of a lifetime. Even those who were seated during the set couldn’t help but move to the amazing guitar riffs, fast drum beats and the overpowering drive of the bass guitar.

    Day two of Fun Fun Fun Fest was filled with great music, high energy and some cool food.

    With only one more day left, I only have one more chance to experience everything that I missed today. I am very excited for day three and can’t wait to wrap up my first Fun Fun Fun Fest experience the right way.

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