UTSA Men’s Lacrosse

Lacrosse 11:11

It’s not how big you are that matters, it’s how big you play.

The UTSA men’s lacrosse club team played in their first annual alumni game Nov. 8, illustrating the start of new athletic traditions here at UTSA.

As a relatively new team on campus, the men’s lacrosse club team educates players on different skills that allow them to compete in future competitions. Among these skills are some basic practices to keep the team on their toes.

“We run a basic passing/catching drill,” said freshman Kenny Lear. “We always end practice with a 10 versus 10 scrimmage and sprints.”

Known as the “hardest hitting sport on land,” lacrosse draws in players of all shapes and sizes.

Emphasizing the “friendly” in friendly competition, the men’s lacrosse club team is “close knit and hangs out regularly.”

While playing with their old teammates, the alumni players proved they haven’t missed a beat, while undergraduate club players — confident in their abilities —played in high spirits as they presumed their win was to come.

The alumni took the win with 12 points and a close tie in the last quarter of the game as the current UTSA team surrendered their defeat with their hard-earned 10 points.

“Seeing them again and getting to play with (the alumni) was great,” said senior Carlos Latapi.

Although lacrosse is a competitive sport, both teams celebrated each other’s company. “We hope to continue the tradition of having more alumni games in years to come,” said Latapi, who even described the team as “a brotherhood of its own.”