Three days worth of fun at Fun Fun Fun Fest

Scary spice

This past weekend, Auditorium Shores in Austin hosted the music festival Fun Fun Fun Fest. With a combination of great music, delicious food and a mechanical bull, the festival offered something for everyone.

The festival began on Friday around 11:30 a.m.; however, an enormously long line caused many people to spend hours waiting to get in. The festival acknowledged this problem and ensured that it wouldn’t happen again. (Despite the long lines, no refund tickets were given to fest goers.) Apart from the line, the festival had an excellent array of bands such as Death From Above 1979, Atmosphere, Alt – J and the classic heavy metal band, Judas Priest. Crowds for these bands were big, but the shows were still enjoyable. Atmosphere put on a fantastic show, with songs that were about the fest itself and Texas. They made the experience memorable by asking people in the crowd to raise their right hand and hold hands with the person on their right.

Aside from music, the festival provided many other forms of entertainment. The fest had a stage dedicated to ramps, skateboarding and bike tricks. Another stage provided comedy by notable comedians such as Fred Armisen. When it came to the food, the food tents offered an excellent array of choices spanning from grilled cheese sandwiches to Kimchi fries. A tent labeled the Nosh Tent had food from an Austin business called True Nature’s Child. This tent offered free food such as bagels, salads, Nutella and vegetarian sandwiches with a donation box set up for those feeling generous.

Fest goers also had a few other activities they could choose to pursue, like riding a mechanical bull. Another attraction was a wrestling ring; people had the option to arm wrestle the announcer and show off their martial arts skills by wrestling opponents. The ring also featured wrestling matches and magic tricks such as eating a light bulb. Other activities included walking around the park and finding games such as checkers and Jenga.

Anyone who was 21 or older could enter one of the few cigarette tents. These tents offered freebies such as flash drives and headphones. Interestingly enough, one of the representatives of American Spirits explained that technically the cigarette tents couldn’t promote smoking, so they did not allow anyone inside the tent that was below the age of 21, non smokers, people trying to quit smoking and non regular smokers.

On Saturday, headlining band Modest Mouse had one of the biggest crowds of the festival, with crowds reaching the edge of the park. A few other notable bands played on Saturday such as Glassjaw, Nas and Fat White Family. Even though a multitude of talented bands played on Friday and Saturday, Sunday saw no shortage of entertainment.

Sunday’s headlining bands included Neutral Milk Hotel and Wiz Khalifa. One of the band members of Jazz June told the Paisano that he was impressed by the musical diversity of bands and musicians that played at this festival.

The festival couldn’t be contained just in Auditorium Shores. After each night of the festival, various venues, such as the Mohawk and Red 7, hosted free shows for anyone that had a festival pass. A few of the bands that played during the nights were Dinosaur Jr. and The Sour Notes.

The festival also had something that most festivals rarely have: a taco cannon. The cannon shot various items in the crowd, such as Twinkies and tacos. Luckily no one was injured by the delicious projectiles.

With amazing food, awesome bands and plenty of odd events, Austin was able to host a music festival that helps keep the city weird, while ensuring that anyone can have a good time at Fun Fun Fun Fe