The Flatliners Fun Fun Fun Fest Show Review


Booked as one of the last showcases for Fun Fun Fun Fest Nitez, The Flatliners brought pure energy to the stage at local Austin venue, The North Door.

Other bands on the bill included two Austin-based bands, Broken Gold and Prince, that helped wake up the crowd after a tiring weekend at Fun Fun Fun Fest.

As The Flatliners took the stage and looked out into the crowd, a smile came across their faces. Even though the crowd was small, everybody knew they were going to have a good time. As the band started with a song off their latest record, fans gathered as close as they could to the stage to sing along with their fists in the air.

Shortly into their set, a small cheer of “ Sydney! Sydney!” came from the crowd. Confused, the band asked what this group was cheering about. The small group had flown to Austin from Sydney, Australia for Fun Fun Fun Fest. Needless to say, these travelers consisted of die-hard Flatliners fans.

As The Flatliners progressed through their set, the energy grew. Playing hit singles such as “Carry the Banner” and “Count Your Bruises” fueled the already energized crowd which almost turned into a mosh pit, but rethought their shoving due to their overall exhaustion from the long “fun fun fun” filled weekend.

Realizing the time, The Flatliners finished their set and announced that they would play two more songs for the tired crowd.

All attendees left with a smile on their face. The Faltliners provided a perfect end to the fun filled weekend at Fun Fun Fun Fest.

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