The Answer


Formed in 2000, The Answer has garnered much success in England, their home country Northern Ireland and the rest of Europe and North America. The Answer was created by bluesy guitarist, Paul Mahon. Bassist Micky Waters, an old school friend of Mahon, and the Robert Plant look-alike singer, Cormac Neeson, soon joined the band. The last piece of the puzzle was drummer James Heatley. The band waited to complete the band until Heatley finished college.

In 2006, the band released their debut album, “Rise,” after years of writing, gigging, self-financing their own singles and forming their sound. The album starts off with a burst of guitar as Neeson starts singing at a fast pace in the song, “Under the Sky.” Another single, which was released before the album in 2005, is titled, “Never Too Late.” This track starts with a guitar solo and a great groove in the riff while Neeson sings the song into a Led Zeppelin-like groovy song. “Into the Gutter,” “Come Follow Me,” and “Be What You Want,” are all great, hard rock songs with Zeppelin-like grooves and great guitar solos.

Their follow up album, 2009’s “Everyday Demons” is a fantastic set of songs following the same formulas as the first album. Singles like “One and On” and “Tonight” exploit their groove-based and solo-filled guitarists, while ”Comfort Zone” shows a somewhat softer side with a kick. In 2011, they released “Revival,” their third album. Hard songs such as the single, “Vida,” show off impeccable singing with a great effort from the rest of the band. “Nowhere Freeway” is yet another hard-rocking song to match the others but with a harmonizing chorus featuring Lynne Jackaman from Saint Jude as a dueling vocalist.

Their last album, “New Horizon,” was released in 2013. With one single out so far, “Spectacular,” it doesn’t seem The Answer has changed much in their sound since “Rise.” The Answer has already established a great repertoire with countless gigs, festivals, concerts and tours with the likes of AC/DC, Aerosmith, Whitesnake and Deep Purple. They already had a North American tour, and they don’t seem to be stopping any time soon.

Videos –

Never Too Late

Comfort Zone

Under the Sky