Roadrunner for life: Alumnus shares success story

“There is no secret to success. It’s the result of hard work, involvement and learning from those around you which truly leads you to the pathway of success,” said Mario A. Vazquez, associate vice president for institutional advancement for Texas A&M San Antonio and post president and CEO of KLRN-TV at San Antonio.

Vazquez’s route to success began at San Antonio Community College (SACC) where he completed his core requirements before applying to the UTSA.

“At the time, UTSA was the only affordable public university in San Antonio, and although I received a full scholarship to Trinity University as a pianist, I chose to go to UTSA because I was passionate about political science,” explained Vazquez.

Vazquez’s passionate drive to succeed as a first generation college student at UTSA started when he first entered UTSA in 1986. He graduated in 2006 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in political science. “The reason why it took me 20 years to graduate from UTSA was that I had to work as a litigation paralegal while going to school and so I couldn’t afford to be a full-time student,” said Vazquez.

Shortly after graduating from UTSA, Vazquez immediately connected with UTSA’s next door neighbors, Valero and NuStar Energy. After becoming a dedicated board member at Valero Energy, Vazquez received recognition from another board member who also happened to be a board member at KLRN-TV. Vazquez was then asked to join KLRN-TV.

After joining the KLRN-TV board, Vazquez became heavily involved with volunteering, supporting charities and instituting fundraisers, which allowed his career to flourish. “I had the chance to climb my way up higher working with Valero, but I’m glad with the choice I made. Just like being a student at UTSA, my experience at Valero was my starting point and helped my career go further.” said Vazquez.

Due to Vazquez’s altruistic work ethic and sheer determination to succeed, the former president of KLRN-TV nominated Vazquez as the new president and CEO of KLRN-TV at San Antonio. Vazquez was the first Latino to become the CEO of a PBS station and lived up to his title by continuing his humanitarian work through volunteer and charity organizations for KLRN.

“I enjoy trying to make a difference in the San Antonio community and being able to give back. I think that getting involved and volunteering is an excellent way to be successful,” said Vazquez.

Today, Vazquez continues to discover ways in which he can give back to the community. “As a former Roadrunner, I still carry the values and lessons I’ve learned as a student at UTSA throughout my everyday life here at Texas A&M San Antonio. There is a lot of respect for UTSA here at our university, and I’m always proud to tell people that I am indeed a lifetime alumni member at UTSA” said Vazquez.