Aaron Keylock Band

Coming From England, the Aaron Keylock Band is the answer to a bluesman’s or blues listener’s prayers. Although Aaron Keylock has yet to release an album, but the 16-year-old Keylock has already performed more than 300 shows including the nation-wide, Winter Rocks Festival, which featured many bands that I have blogged about in the past, such as Zodiac N’ Black, the Answer, Goat Leaf and the Mercy House.

A blues guitarist, singer and songwriter, Keylock has established himself as a must-have in the England club circuit. He writes his own songs and plays so much blues that your head will keep in rhythm. His guitar solos are impeccable, and I haven’t seen a great bluesman since the Black Crowes in the early 1990s. Stevie Ray Vaughn would give a tip of the hat to some of Keylock’s songs such as “Medicine Man,” “If Trouble was Money” and “Desperation Blues.” These songs release a radiant energy with plenty of guitar solo to go around.

This youngster is good. I don’t know if you’d call it a single, but Keylock released “Medicine Man” for download. I am particularly interested in this bluesman because I’m a huge fan of the blues (or blues-based rock) and guitar solos that are felt, not thought of. I will definitely watch closely as this young artist creates his own path to stardom in the ear-catching rock scene of England. Hopefully he can bring his sensational talents to the States. He can only get better with age.


Medicine Man

If Trouble was Money

Desperation Blues