A pathway to better student living

Jakob Lopez

In the 2014 fall semester, the City of San Antonio accommodated UTSA students by adding bike lanes on Valero Way. Moreover, the City of San Antonio began to work with the Texas Department of Transportation to widen UTSA Boulevard. The project will add bike lines, sidewalks and other pedestrian pathways.

In addition to these improvements, UTSA has added a bike share program known as B-cycle. The program provides two stations with 22 bicycles at the main campus.

These changes will not only make commuting to classes easier, but also more affordable.

Bikes can cost more than $100, which can be out of budget for the money-tight college student. But the B-cycle program provides an affordable $25 semester-long pass that enables riders to use the stations at the main campus and at B-cycle stations downtown.

According to the College News and Education website, 12 percent of UTSA students live in housing owned, operated or affiliated with the university. Approximately 3,360 students may now be able to benefit from the bike share program. The development director at B-cycle San Antonio has stated that if UTSA students get out and ride the bikes, more stations will be present in the future.

In addition to being affordable, the bike share program provides further incentive for UTSA to add bike lanes along Roadrunner Way, Hausman and other streets that align the main campus, which would make it safer for commuters living off campus to bike to the university.

With university health and safety at the forefront, UTSA continues to create practical pathways for student living.