The King in New Orleans

Elvis presley-king creole(3)

While Elvis Presley was taking over the music world during the 1950’s, he was also trying to conquer the movie world. One of the movies Elvis starred in was the New Orleans-based “King Creole,” released in 1958. The soundtrack to King Creole was completely comprised of original songs performed by The King. The Soundtrack reached the number two spot in the U. S.billboard charts and was certified gold, selling more than one million copies.

Starting with a deep electric guitar melody with Elvis’ Jordanaires singing in the background, and the King’s rock’n’ roll voice begins the title track of the album. Another fan favorite, “Hard Headed Woman,” ended up number two across the U.S. charts. “Trouble” mirrors the blues-based style reminiscent of “Riot in Cell Block No. 9,” by The Robins.

The album contains a nice balance of fast, upbeat songs and slower songs. “Lover Doll,” and “Young Dreams,” are some upbeat love songs, while “Steadfast, Loyal and True,” and “Don’t Ask Me why,” are slower in rhythm.

Tracks such as, “King Creole,” “Crawfish,” and “New Orleans,” added a lot of southern, Louisiana culture to the sound of the album.

A great Elvis soundtrack to add to your collection, “King Creole,” leaves a great southern cajun taste to the mouths of the fans.

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