It’s Time To Start

Hello readers, a few of you have already read “Coffeehouse Nebula,” and some have asked me to make that a continuous thing. Well then, here it is and here we go! Let’s start out with bringing in the main characters: Nox, Sehina, and Navis.

Nox: An Astronomy major at the nearby university—a Roadrunner. He enjoys biking, taking hikes, gazing at the night sky for hours on end, and doesn’t know the meaning of sleep. (A coffee aficionado.)

Sehina: A Mechanical Engineering major studying at the same university as Nox. She spends her time taking cars and computers apart and attempting to put them back together. She often finds herself in trouble at scrapyards for dismantling dozens of cars. (A tea enthusiast who also enjoys coffee.)

Navis: An English major studying with Nox and Sehina. He spends most of his time reading manga while drinking tea with a bowl of whip cream. (A tea addict.)

The setting will be taking place at and around their university. Of course these are fictional characters, so their uni is a fictional one. I mean, it’s not like anyone could already tell where the setting is taking place, right?

This blog series will be focusing mainly on these three as a group. There will be times where a single character will have his or her own story. For now, these are just short stories without much of a plotline, but keep your eyes attentive! A plotline may appear, and you’ll be enthralled in seeing how these characters play out, who they really are, and what happens next—wait, do I detect a plot already?

Interested? Are you at the edge of your seat, is your hard breathing visible on your phone? If not, let me fix that for you in time.

Now although this may be just a short series, I would also enjoy any comments anyone could give. Constructive, deconstructive, any comments at all—I’ll be open to them. Who knows, maybe a comment or you yourself may make a cameo appearance. Alright, so let me finish here. Thanks readers for keeping up with me, you shan’t regret this.

And thus, it’s time to start!