Looking For A Little Something Different?

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“A Little Something Different” is a love story written by Sandy Hall and is told from fourteen different viewpoints. However, what makes this book “different” is that none of the viewpoints are of the two main characters, Lea and Gabe. As a reader, you get to delve into the minds of the supporting characters of the story and how they view the two leads.

This book is extremely cute and has a gorgeous cover. People always say, don’t judge a book by its cover, but come on, we all do. The only reason I pick up a book I know nothing about is because the cover stands out to me. Next, it has to pass the “blurb test,” as I like to call it. I read the inside jacket or back cover and see if the premise of the story is as eye-catching as the cover. After reading the back of “A Little Something Different,” I knew I had to buy it.

Overall, this book was a good read. It was frustrating sometimes because it took so much time to get these two love birds together. However, I really enjoyed reading this book and I flew right through it.

The book takes place on a college campus in the beginning of the fall semester. The two main characters are Lea and Gabe. Lea is a freshman on campus, while Gabe is an upperclassmen who are both enrolled in the same creative writing class and literally bump into each other on the first day. From the start, it is clear that they are each other’s perfect brand of awkward. They both laugh at the same Buffy the Vampire Slayer jokes, order the exact same thing for Chinese takeout, and happen to show up at all the same places.

If you are not into cheesy, cute, little stories, then this book is probably not for you. It is meant to be a fun journey where you can cheer for the main characters to fall in love along with all of the side characters of the story. This book definitely does not scream deep substance, but if you need a fluffy pick-me-up, this should be a go-to book.

As I have said before, the reader sees everyone but the main characters viewpoints. Even the people who cannot stand them, like their angst-ridden classmate Victor, want them to just get together already. Their creative writing professor tries to set them up in class, the bus driver tells his wife about seeing them together, the old waitress at the diner sticks her nose in their business. Even everyone at the local Starbucks follows their relationship like a TV drama.

The writing style flows very well and makes it easy to tell the difference between each point of view, which is extremely important when there are as many as fourteen viewpoints. If you need a cute contemporary in your life, pick up “A Little Something Different” and remember: don’t knock it until you read it!