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The Paisano

Part-time barista, full-time student Roberto Guerra talks balancing school, work, social life

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As college students, we face a constant battle of juggling school and work –while trying to keep up with our social lives. “Only pick two,” our consciences whisper, realizing there are only 24 hours in a day.

However, there are ways to balance your schedule to accommodate all your needs. Roberto Guerra, a junior psychology major and barista at the JPL Starbucks on campus, expressed his thoughts on how to properly manage time for work, school and life.

“I might not be the best at balancing it all, so it’s a constant struggle to keep school, work and social things in check,” Guerra admitted, “but it works out in the end when I put school first.”

Guerra explained how education has to come first for a successful future. Working around your school schedule can be tough, but there are efficient strategies for making it happen. Guerra makes time to serve his regulars at Starbucks while he prepares for graduation.

“I’m originally from Mexico but moved to San Antonio from Sharyland in the Valley to study psychology,” Guerra said. “I plan to (attend) graduate school and, hopefully, even (get) my doctorate.”

One way to innovate your schedule is to use the resources around you. Working on campus has been an asset to Guerra’s daily routine as he insisted, “The convenience of having my classes near my work is perfect.” Not only does it make perfect sense to be able to efficiently balance work and school in one location, but it also leaves time for other social activities.

Guerra shared how working at Starbucks is a great way to meet other students and makes going to class easier. He has also become more involved with school activities and his school pride is than ever before.

Guerra feels more “connected” to the environment and opportunities UTSA has to offer. Since working on campus, Guerra has joined UTSA’s Quidditch team and has made it to every football game to cheer on the Roadrunners.

In regards to Guerra’s interests outside of school, he said, “I love biking for hours and hanging out with my friends…and more studying!”

Another tip Guerra offers for maintaining a more balanced schedule is time management. Working on campus has helped Guerra learn various approaches in overcoming procrastination and wasting time.

“It has allowed me to become more responsible with time management and prioritizing,” said Guerra. Of course, working on campus is a perk when organizing your personal agenda and engaging in school activities. Sounds like a win-win situation. Guerra maintains his good work ethic and dedication with a sense of humor and his lighthearted persona.

Not only does Guerra “help people kick-start their day” with Starbucks’ delicious drinks and tasty pastries, but he also has made many friends and serves many regulars throughout the school week. Who wouldn’t want some Starbucks from Guerra every day?

He recommends trying the ‘John Wayne’ if you really need a pick me up. It consists of one shot of heavy cream layered with two shots of espresso and topped with two pumps of your preferred syrup. His other favorites include the Caramel Macchiato or the Vanilla Bean Frappuccino. If you are half-asleep and fighting the urge to skip class, then pay a visit to your new favorite barista.

Keeping a manageable work, school and social schedule is all it takes to maintain the balance. Use the resources and opportunities around you and before you know it, there will be plenty of time during the day for all your needs. Just don’t forget to get some sleep.

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