Pour it up

Looking for something new, exciting, and a little out of the norm for your next get-together, house party, or kick back? Look no further. Here are a few simple, new recipes to add to your list!

Exotic Drift

Sort of like a Tequila Sunrise with a twist, the Exotic Drift will definitely take you places. At first sip, the drink may taste strong, but will having you feeling great once you’re done with it. It’s a drink best suited for when you’re feeling adventurous and wanting an escape from the hectic week.


4 1½ oz. Jose Cuervo Gold Tequila

4 ½ oz. Coconut rum

4 ½ oz. Peach Schnapps

4 5 oz. Orange juice

4 Grenedine syrup

4 A few ice cubes

8 Garnish: Cherry


Add tequila, rum, Peach Schnapps, orange juice and ice in a shaker. Give it a good 8-10 shakes. Strain into a Collins glass along with grenedine and garnish with a cherry.

Bromance Cocktail

Yeah, whiskey can definitely put some hairs on your chest, but we’re mixing it up. Though some may prefer to take their whiskey straight, The Bromance Cocktail might just change your mind. The two tastes of whiskey and fruit combine to

create a surprisingly new taste.


4 1½ oz. Whiskey

4 2 tbs. Gapefruit juice

4 1 tps. simple syrup

4 2 Basil leaves

4 A few ice cubes

8 Garnish: Grapefruit slice and cherry


Fill all ingredients into shaker. Give it a good 8-10 shakes. Strain into a chilled rocks glass. Garnish with a grapefruit slice and cherry.

Pineapple Fusion Cocktail

Can we say Thirsty Thursday? A simple drink with an equally subtle twist. We’re giving the classic Piña Colada an additional tropically sweet kick. It may sound too sweet for your taste at first, but it works. After one Pineapple Fusion Colada, you’ll be asking for more.


4 1½ oz. Bicardi Pineapple fusion rum

4 1½ oz. Piña Colada Mix

4 1 large scoop of vanilla ice cream

8 Garnish: Pineapple slice and cherry


Add all ingredients together in a blender. Blend well until smooth. Pour contents into a Margarita or Collins glass. Top off with your garnish. Garnish with a pineapple slice and cherry.