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The Paisano

Independent Student Newspaper for the University of Texas at San Antonio

The Paisano

Make it rain

Make it rain - marcus

After the holiday season, tuition and other expenses of the New Year, your bank account may seem a little less full then you would like. Saving money can be frustrating, but with these simple tips it’ll be easy and you’ll be able to keep more pennies in your piggy bank.

Stick to a budget

It can be hard to stick to budgets that you set in place for yourself, especially if the goals are unattainable or if the time frame is too long. Set weekly budgets, instead of monthly budgets to keep yourself more on track. Know yourself, and know your weak points. The first week you start a budget, pick something small that you will give up for that week.

A great example would be Starbucks. Don’t spend countless dollars a week on a fancy coffee drink. Find a cost-effective solution such as buying your own coffee pot and coffee beans. In the long run this will save you lots of money and could probably pay for itself in the first week.

Make a calendar

Life can get complicated. School, exams, papers and a job can be distracting from paying your bills on time. Students have to worry about tuition, car payments, rent, Internet and cable bills.

To avoid late fees or damages to your credit, make and hang up a calendar with reminders on your laptop or phone to make sure you avoid extra costs and pay those bills on time.

Grocery shop

Instead of fast food — which is not only expensive but also unhealthy — try to grocery shop and prepare your own food at home. It does require some extra time, but the results will not only lead to a healthier lifestyle but also a larger bank account.

People who prepare all their food for the week on Sundays don’t have to worry about cooking throughout the week. This may work for your busy schedule. If you’re not a cook, simply making sandwiches at home is better than buying a burger down the street.

Clip coupons

You don’t have to devote 30 hours of your week to clipping coupons, but taking a mere 10 minutes before your next grocery store trip can make a huge difference. Look at the vendor coupons offered online. You can save about $8-$10 a week by looking online for a few minutes before grocery shopping. It’s simple and easy way to save money each week, that will add up over time.

Avoid driving at all costs

Parking is already a nightmare. If you live in an apartment near campus that offers shuttle service, don’t pay for the overpriced parking permit. Take the shuttle! It’s the cheapest way to get to and from class. You already pay a transportation fee in your tuition, so you might as well get your money’s worth.

Not too keen on public transportation? There’s always a trusty bike to help you get to and from campus and other near-by locations. You’ll be killing two birds with one stone: saving money and getting in a workout.

If you must buy a permit, see if you and your roommate or friend have a similar class schedule and want to split it.

Sale and clearance ONLY

Never pay full price for clothes. For best possible deal, buy winter clothes in the spring and spring or summer clothes in the winter.

Look online for coupons and only buy clothes that are reasonable for your budget. Buying clothes on sale or clearance makes all the difference. That cute shirt you see at the mall will eventually end up on the clearance rack.

If you need to buy furniture, look online for good deals. There are many discount warehouses that will sell brand new furniture for a fraction of the cost. Also don’t be afraid to look at gently used items for your apartment.

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