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Roommate 3 - kyla johnson

Living with strangers definitely comes with some risks; however sometimes living with your closest friends can be a bad as well — the struggle is real. These are the types of roommates you may encounter during your college years.

1. The Early Bird

First, we have the Early Bird. Whether it’s early to bed or early to rise (or both), it’s important to establish grounds for respect from both parties in these situations. If your Early Bird has 8 a.m. classes and you don’t get home from work until 2 a.m., establish quiet hours and be clear about when they are. Make sure to let each other know if one of you gets too noisy.

2. The Food Thief

If one of your roommates keeps “accidentally” eating your food — even though your initials are clearly written in very visible, bold Sharpie — call the refrigerator police. You are living with the Food Thief. Okay, don’t literally call the police, but do call your roommate out in a mature, calm manner. At first, go about it in a way that makes it seem like you are assuming it was an accident, but don’t be overly accusing. However, if this behavior continues, you’ll need to be stern. Nobody comes between a human and their food — especially another human.

3.The Messy One

Some people have no problem with messiness and that’s their prerogative — you know who you are. These messy acts may have been tolerated at home, but now you have a new person or group of people to attempt to live harmoniously with. You don’t have to become Mr. or Mrs. Clean, but get in the habit of doing your dishes before they become a science experiment, cleaning your bathroom periodically and keeping the mess in your bedroom to a minimum. If you encounter living with a Messy One, make sure to chat with them about messes in the common shared areas. You aren’t responsible for the upkeep of their bathroom or bedroom — unless you share.

4. The Night Owl

If you’ve ever woken up at 4 a.m. to the sound of your roommate stumbling around in the kitchen, laughing at the show he or she is watching on Netfllix or just being clumsy, you probably have the Night Owl on your hands. These situations are easily avoidable with a simple conversation with the Night Owl and an investment in a noisy fan.

5. The Clean Freak

The only thing worse than a slob might be the Neat Freak. Incessantly cleaning — or demanding that you incessantly clean — is not going to fly. This is where you both need to compromise. If the Clean Freak insists on having the common area absolutely clean, set up a reasonable schedule. No need to bust out an old toothbrush to scrub the floors. If, however, that is their style, then they can be responsible for being that thorough. The basic rules of cleanliness involve picking up visible messes, being responsible for your dishes and general upkeep like mopping and wiping countertops.

6. The Wild One

These types of roommates tend to appear during the first stages of one’s young college life. The newfound freedom and sense of independence is too much for some to handle. When you live with the Wild One, be prepared to be dragged into their shenanigans. Waking up to them crashing through the front door drunk at 4:30 in the morning; repeatedly telling them to cease some of the “recreational” activities they do in the apartment; and hearing about the tornado of drama constantly engulfing them are a few issues that may need to be handled. The best way to be prepared is to stay out of their dramatic wake and to know when it’s necessary to get Dorm R.A.s or another higher authority involved.

7.The Quiet One

Ever been in your apartment and felt hesitant to do something noisy or have a personal conversation because you aren’t sure if you’re alone? If so, you definitely live with the Quiet One. Their door is always closed and it startles you to actually see them spending time in the common area. This is when you have to be conscious of your volume and lifestyle. Don’t feel compelled to be stealthy all the time, but also make sure you don’t become the Wild One simply because the Quiet One probably won’t approach you about the issue.

8.The Perfect One

Do they exist? Probably not – but if you find someone that comes close, don’t let them go. You may find that you’re meant to live alone because you are the perfect roommate. For economical reasons though, it will typically be wiser to have at least one or two roomies. Usually, when you and your roommates have different schedules and friend circles, it’s pretty easy to get along. Do your dishes and take out the trash. Don’t leave your laundry in the washing machine for lengthy amounts of time and always be considerate when leaving early or coming home late and you’ll be sure to avoid any problems.

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