Bobby J’s Old Fashioned Hamburgers gets an A+

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We need to eat; it’s as simple as that. Today, we spend a great amount of time ensuring what we eat is both healthy and balanced. However, sometimes it’s not the body that needs nourishing; it’s the soul. One such hole in the wall, not far from UTSA’s main campus, has just the kind of fare for the job.

Bobby J’s Classic Hamburgers is a humble diner just fifteen minutes from UTSA Blvd. While the establishment is somewhat off the beaten path, it is still fairly accessible located right off Bandera Road.

Rustic folk art decorations and license plates from all over the country line the walls. Country music fills the air, giving the notion that with just a little more space they could easily host some two-step nights. The floors are clean and the tables are neatly organized, and each equipped with a roll of paper towels; a seemingly innocuous touch that greatly pays off later. The friendly staff was quick to take orders, fill orders, and bring orders. After requesting the mushroom and swiss burger, the plate was on the table in less than five minutes.

The “classic” in Bobby J’s Classic Hamburgers is by no means a misnomer, as all things one would consider classic find their way in each tasty morsel. Customers are served 1/3-1/2 lb grilled beef patties, with fries and a drink. One would have to expect that the quality of flavor is consistent throughout all of the items on their menu; which is why the flavor of Bobby J’s hamburgers must not be underestimated. Their mushroom and swiss burger is packed with caramelized onions and mushrooms sautéed in what we can only assume is liquid happiness. Their regular fries, as well as sweet potato fries, are sizzling hot and given a touch of seasoning. If burgers don’t happen to be what your persnickety pallet is craving that day, their menu features a nice range of seafood, salads, sides and deserts. Drinks are also as happily diverse, with everything from root beer to Shiner beer.

Every now and then, we need something more than just a sandwich to sate our aching appetites. Sometimes what we need is a café basket filled with greasy greatness and deep fried love. Bobby J’s is a nice and inviting little diner that promises satisfying burgers and delivers in spades. If you’re looking for a place for the gang to meet up, go out on a date, or just in need of a good meal, Bobby J’s is one place you won’t want to pass by.