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The Paisano

Black is the new black, and here to stay

Black copy

Black has escaped its somber stigma and is now a symbol of style, a way to be effortlessly chic.

Over the years, trends have changed. What was once considered risqué or tacky is now being embraced. Wearing fishnets, a crop top and black lipstick is stylish. Stars like Rihanna and Cara Delevigne have helped demonstrate how liberating it can be to dress however you choose.

In Michel Pastoureau’s book “The History of Color,” the author notes that it was common for people of a higher class to wear bright colors up until the 14th century. After, it was customary that dukes and counts dressed in black. Europeans saw it as the color of power, dignity, humility and temperance. By the end of the 16th century, it was the color worn by almost all monarchs in Europe. Now, black is back.

Black may symbolize mystery, but lately it has been seen as more of an expressive color that shows an edgier side.

Fashion is considered a form of expression, but the way a person dresses should not define who they are. Wearing all black does not mean that you are morbid or listen to punk rock all day.

Culturally, there has been a notion that black is reserved for funerals and rock-n-roll, but that simply is not the case anymore. With this shift in opinion on fashion, black has grown to be more than just a drab color worn in mourning; it is a way to stand out.

The color black has become so popular that people are choosing to wear black wedding dresses instead of the typical white or crème colors.

“Do these blacks match?” has become a joke on social media that represents the color’s comeback. Even though it is a joke, I find myself checking my black shirt against my faded black jeans to ensure that it doesn’t clash.

The all black trend can be seen on celebrities, models and even their children. North West, Kim Kardashian’s daughter, has been spotted rocking black on black on black.

Considering how frequently trends change, it is hard to say what is going to stay or what is going to leave. However, with celebrities like Rihanna, Rita Ora and many others donning mesh and a bralette on a regular basis, it is easy to say that many people will continue to follow the risqué black trends. The clothes may change, but the color never will.

The color black is expected to be incorporated into the spring and summer trends. There are some people who believe that black is a dreary color, while others feel it is a color that promotes power. But for those who love the all black trend, continue to embrace it, because black is the new black.

I expect to see more black incorporated into summer styles. Even if it attracts the heat, you will stay looking cool. Wearing black crop tops, shorts and bathing suits is a way to keep cool in this color year round.

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