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The Paisano

Man’s best study buddy

Dogs are bae

The term “study buddy” can be defined as someone who or something that helps one study or complete his or her schoolwork. Throughout a student’s academic life, they become an essential part of their lives. Today, study buddies can be found in a close friend, a fellow classmate, or even ones pet.

Siblings also come with a variety of pros and cons. Pros being love and support while cons can include fights and sibling rivalry. One pair of sisters have found a way to use both to their advantage.

Katie Sanchez, a junior at UTSA striving for a degree in English, has found a study buddy in her sister, Sandi Sanchez, a senior at UTSA finishing up her degree in math. Katie explains that despite their difference in studies, the sisters are able to help one another in their course work.

“We would make study sheets and then make a game of ‘who knows more.’ It was mainly a contest between siblings but in the end, it helped a lot,” Katie says.

Location can also play an important role when studying with a study buddy. Katie explained on how studying in the JPL proved the best results from her and Sandi’s study buddy sessions. “The library would help Sandi get organized and on top of things, which in turn made me get organized and stay on top of things. When we had tests on the same day, we would get a study room and get on the ball.”

Though most students do not have the convenience and ease of having their own sibling as a study buddy, these tips from Katie can help those that find a study buddy in the classroom. Studying with a classmate in the library rather than an open area filled with noise can help improve concentration and organization.

Some great locations that may serve positive results for you and your study buddy include the third floor of the JPL, the area behind the Arts building, open classrooms throughout the day, and second floor of the main building. By also making a game out of your study material for you and your study buddy, learning the material becomes fun and easier to retain.

Not all study buddies have to be human. Patrick Martinez, a senior UTSA English major, found his study buddy when he adopted Elephant, his one-year-old mixed Grey Hound and Chihuahua puppy. Patrick says that Elephant aids in taking away some of the stress that is packaged with studying for his classes.

“I’ll be at home and start stressing while I’m studying at the table. She’ll come up and want to sit on my lap and that just puts me in a better mood. It’s cute.” The mood boosts allow Martinez to concentrate more on his studies and get better grades overall. Though having a pet as a study buddy has its benefits, he also explained one of the troubles he encounters. “The only con is wanting to play with her for hours. I’ve got it down pretty good over the time I’ve had her. I established a cycle: study time, Elephant time and then back to study time.”

The choice of having a pet as a study buddy may not be the right choice for every student. Those living in UTSA housing face the strict pet policy that states only fish or assistance animals are allowed. Otherwise, students will be charged $100 a day until the animal is removed. Another reason, as Martinez pointed out, is that one needs to have their time management skills sharp in deciding when to take a break and when to focus. Without time management skills, a study buddy may be more distracting than helpful.

Some may find it hard to get motivated to study when they’re alone, making study buddies a great opportunity to benefit a college student’s academic career. Having someone to study with can help improve concentration and overall study habits. Though an animal can’t possibly help you make flashcards and quiz you it can help improve students’ mood and encourage success.

I guess the next goal here is to find a classmate with a dog. #goals

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