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Independent Student Newspaper for the University of Texas at San Antonio

The Paisano

Sounds of San Antonio: A starter guide


Invision Love

Genre: Indie Pop.

This San Antonio native band was born in 2011 and is comprised of seven members as well as a variety of instruments other than the conventional guitar and drums. You can find a ukulele and different brass instruments like the euphonium that create a fantastic mixture of sounds. Both their self-titled EP, released March 2014, Loophole has a good mix of upbeat and mellow songs. If lyrics don’t tend to distract you, Invision Love can make for enjoyable background music as you study. And if they do, then listening to them as you walk to class, enjoy lunch or at your next kickback is a great option. Go ahead and give them a listen. For more information about Invision Love, you can visit their Facebook page. To listen to their music, visit

Hard Luck Rebels

Genre: Psychobilly

Hard Luck Rebels is a band for punk-rock lovers. The three-man band features amazing guitar solos that accompany a great drum tempo and by a bass that you can feel in your bones. Their digital album released in February 2014, Lone Star, Black Jeans & A Cigarette, gives the listener a taste of what these guys are capable of. Hard Luck Rebels will have you tapping your foot and nodding to the rhythm of songs like Skin & Bones. Their music might not be for everyone but if you happen to like them, they will surely not disappoint if you need a pumped up kind of song. For more Hard Luck Rebels, make sure to listen to our podcast in Behind the Beat at and check out their Facebook page. To give their music a listen, visit their webpage at

Last Nighters

Genre: Indie/Alternative/Psychedelic

The Last Nighters aren’t afraid of instruments. Melding drums and guitar with electronics is the signature style of each song. The vocals resemble a blend of The Strokes and The Killers – a sultry voice that bravely attempts new styles in each song. Hailing from San Antonio, the band surprises you with how cohesive the instruments and vocals work together, considering they just released their debut album, Animal Room. Expect a mix of indie and pop, along with other influences when they join together to produce their music. To purchase their album or read more about the band, visit

Matt Adler

Genre: Indie Rock

Unlike many artists today, Matt Adler makes his voice the main focus of his songs, with the instrumentals complementing his vocals. Not only will you want to listen to his music on a peaceful night, you will also want to listen to get your blood pumping. This indie singer/songwriter knows how to write songs that’ll leave you singing his lyrics all day, with instrumentals that will be stuck in your head for weeks. Pulling influences from British pop to classical and acoustic artists, Matt Adler melts a combination of sounds into his music without straying from the indie rock genre. If you want to check out his music — which you should — you can visit or check him out on Spotify.

Jonathan Moody

Genre: Country/Americana

When you think of country music, you should think of Jonathan Moody. Bringing a variety of instruments into his songs, you’re suddenly amazed at how well the violin, drums and guitar all blend well and complement his voice. You’re sure to find some mention of Texas, be it driving down IH-35, tubing in a river with great friends or driving to the coast to cast your worries away. Jonathon Moody’s upbeat songs will surely get your feet tapping along to the beat and your body moving in ways you never thought possible. To hear his music or find show dates, visit His music is also available on Spotify, Reverbnation and YouTube.

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