La Flame

La flame 2

Pilot episodes are a lot like first impressions: always quirky, never dope. Thankfully, this is a music blog designed to serve our readers with the grimiest food for thought and bringing a heat that is best served cold. Our friends here at FRIENDS are avid hip-hop junkies, rap enthusiasts, and trill fanatics. I’m lying. Thank the music Allahs we have Complex and XXL Magazine for that. Our friends are demented, but they love surfing rather lonesome swanky waves that are often overlooked. In modern English: we’re here to widen your musical spectrum. But enough of that small talk, we’re not fans of that. Surf with us and let’s talk content.


September looks really ugly on the calendar, but it just might be my favorite month. It’s a great month for music; I love it. September’s opening act consists of rage and nothing but rage. La Flame’s, a.k.a. Travis Scott’s, debut album, Rodeo, is set to come out September 4, and we can only hope it’s an absolute rager. La Flame has built massive amounts of credentials since his first major project, Owl Pharaoh. Features ranging anywhere from indie companions such as Theophilus London to trap pioneers like Migos have given Travis Scott a mirage of talent to collaborate with on the album.

You should expect anything and just about everything that is valid within the rap spectrum from Rodeo. Spontaneity and versatility are major components of the rap phenomenon. Truth be told, if it is anything like his single “Antidote and 3500,” there is a high chance you’ll find us raging everywhere including at all those shower tours. For the music hibernators, September 4 is a good day to wake up and join the Rodeo. As for our friends, you can definitely expect an album review next post. Stay tuned and remember: we are your friends.