The Lost Project announces Lost Records

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On Saturday, Sept. 5, San Antonio based club, The Phantom Room, will host a particularly interesting showcase. Local band, The Lost Project, has announced that their record label, Lost Records, is now officially live. The showcase will feature The Lost Project and three other bands that plan to work in association with the new Lost Records label. The Paisano asked Jason Valdez (guitar and vocals) some questions about the new record label and the upcoming show.

Q: What is Lost Records and how did the idea come to mind?

A: Lost Records was created to suit the bands’ work ethic. At the time we started putting out music, we tried working with Texas Is Funny records to just do distribution of “Where It Begins.” Rather than having them as our only representative, I decided it would be better to make an imprint that will go with the band where ever.

Q: The bands that are set to play Saturday — will they be a part of the new label? If so, what can you tell us about their plans with the label?

A: Kill Liberal, Harvey McLaughlin & the BottomFeeders and Young Costello are the other bands on the label besides The Lost Project. All three of those bands are projected to have some music coming out at the end of this year. With Lost Records, the goal is to promote as well as assist with production of their products.

Q: What are some future projects that we can expect from the label?

A: The overall goal with Lost Records is based off a community standpoint. I’d like to have the label to not only help with booking tours and promotion, but to also put out compilations as well as gain newer bands to the roster. We want to have everyone work together within the label and help promote each other’s projects and successes.

Q: In your eyes, how does the creation of Lost Records change everything?

A: Lost Records will be more of a band perspective label. Unlike most labels that have “higher-ups” as consultants, I feel that since I’m in a band, I can help to promote in a deeper, more personal level with not only shows but also news concerning bands. The purpose for the label isn’t about making money; it’s about building positive band community in which each group can grow together as well as with other music peers.

The Lost Project released, “Far From Where You Are,” earlier this year. Be sure to catch them at their record label release show to stay connected with the band and be sure to follow their highly anticipated label, Lost Records.