Lingerie, social media and school spirit

Jakob Lopez and Mia Cabello

The Roadrunners — recent winners of Victoria’s Secret annual Pink Campus Showdown — will have the “biggest college party of the year” hosted by Victoria’s Secret Pink on campus.

The party, which already has over 13,000 RSVPs on Facebook, will reportedly have an A-list music artist headline the event. It’s not known if Victoria’s Secret models will be there dressed in this season’s lingerie.

To win the contest, UTSA had to best dozens of established universities in a 10-day social media challenge. The 10-day event included challenges such as a Twitter tug-of-war and an Instagram photo competition.

UTSA beat out 96 other universities to be crowned winner — an astounding fact, considering the “commuter” label frequently associated with UTSA.

The Roadrunners defiantly outlasted the likes of Louisiana State University (LSU), UT-Austin, Oklahoma State University (OSU), University of Florida, University California-Los Angeles (UCLA) and Florida State University (FSU) in the 10-day social media challenge.

Throughout the event, campus was abuzz with enthusiasm. Even the often-photographed Rowdy Statue bore a sign that read, “If you’re reading this, you’re not tapping.”

In fact, campus was so unified that students coined the term, “tapping.” The term represented the action students took during the last social media event — UTSA beat out the nearest university in the challenge with over 300 million taps.

In the past, UTSA has often been cast as a commuter school without spirit. The “commuter” label comes with the sobering reality that most of UTSA’s students live 10 or more miles from campus.

But the university community’s recent accomplishments belie such labels.

UTSA currently holds the NCAA Division I FCS record for highest-attended game for a start-up program. In addition, UTSA has slowly started to incorporate the Rowdy Statue as part of campus tradition. These accomplishments added to the university’s recent win over 96 other schools prove campus spirit lives at UTSA.

Now, if only this panty party could pave the way to tier one.