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Independent Student Newspaper for the University of Texas at San Antonio

The Paisano

Independent Student Newspaper for the University of Texas at San Antonio

The Paisano

    Blue and orange meets silver and black

    Silver Dancer

    The NBA lockout may still be going on, but the long feud between Roadrunners and Coyotes is finally over thanks to UTSA’s own Danielle Washington who recently made it onto the Spurs Silver Dancers dance team.

    (Ryan) – Is it weird being a Roadrunner working with your arch enemy the Coyote. I mean, there must be some serious tension?

    (Danielle) – (Laughs) No! Not at all because we are very supportive of each other in our championship efforts, so it’s not hard working on the same team.

    (R) – No little piles of bird seed with acme anvils hanging over them?

    (D) – (laughs) No, none of that. They stopped the violence a long time ago.

    (R) – Alright, alright peace is what it is all about. So where are you from, and what was it like growing up there.

    (D) – I am originally from Houston, Texas, and it was really, really cool. I have a very supportive family. Once I graduate, I am moving back home. I can’t wait!

    (R) – What is your favorite part about Houston?

    (D) – My favorite part is that it is just so big, and I have a little bit of family spread out everywhere. So just visiting them, going to get-togethers and crawfish boils. I can live anywhere as long as I have my family.

    (R) – When did you decide to try out for the Silver Dancers and how did you find out about the opportunity?

    (D) – I decided to try out in 2010 when a girl in my dance class actually told me about it. She had auditioned, and told me that I should audition so I did. That was the first time I tried out.

    (R) – When did you start dancing?

    (D) – I started cheering in the fifth grade, but I didn’t start training until my freshman year in high school. My teachers Sarita Salinas and David Monroe shaped me.

    (R) – You were on the dance team in high school?

    (D) – It was a performing arts high school so dance was actually my major.

    (R) – What is your major here at UTSA?

    (D) – I am a communication major.

    (R) – Did anyone inspire you to become a dancer?

    (D) – No, I’ve always loved dancing and cheering, so it just came along with it.

    (R) – How tough was the audition?

    (D) – It was pretty tough. The first year I auditioned it was mentally tougher than the second time. The second time, I felt like I kind of knew how things were going to be, so I was more mentally prepared, but it was still really tough.

    (R) – So this was your second time auditioning?

    (D) – Yes, I didn’t make it until my second time.

    (R) – You kept trying though, that’s awesome. Did you ever have any doubt that on your second try-out that you weren’t going to make the team or were you just smokin’ all the other girls on the floor?

    (D) – No there was always doubt.

    (R) – Always doubt?

    (D) – Still doubt, yes, because the girls are just so good. I don’t want to say that you are always fighting for your spot, but you have to be on your A-game all the time.

    (R) – How do you think you ranked among the girls trying out, top half or bottom half?

    (D) – (laughs) I mean a lot of the girls have experience over me so, I would rank myself bottom half because I am a freshman.

    (R) – So the mental aspect was the hardest part?

    (D) – Yes, the mental part, and the days before the audition…

    (R) – The nerves?

    (D) – Yes, the nerves big time.

    (R) – Speaking of nerves, are you nervous about performing in front of millions of people?

    (D) – That doesn’t make me nervous at all. I love it. I love the rush of the crowd and the screaming audience. I can’t wait to get out there!

    (R) – How excited were you that you made the final cut? How did you celebrate?

    (D) – When I made it to the finals I was very excited, but I was not confident that I’d make the team. When I did find out that I made the team, I went back to Houston to celebrate with my family, and we had a little get together. My dad is a huge Houston Rockets fan so him seeing all the Spurs signs everywhere…

    (R) – He was mad at you?

    (D) – No, no, no, but I think he might be becoming a little bit of a Spurs fan (laughs)

    (R) – (laughs) Ok, so is there any advice you have for anyone thinking of trying out?

    (D) – Just go for it. Don’t be afraid. If you don’t make it the first time, try again. If you don’t make it the second time, try out again. The girls are very supportive. It’s very nerve racking, but everyone is always smiling and very supportive even if you don’t make it.

    (R) – Speaking of that, you said everyone is really supportive so was there any drama among any of the girls?

    (D) – No, no, no drama. It’s just because everyone feels so lucky to be on the team so there is no room to stir up any drama.

    (R) – (laughs) Ok, just asking because there is usually always someone trying to stir things up. So when you are not studying or dancing, what do you like to do for “me time.”

    (D) – Me time? Well, I’ve been training for the half marathon. I hang out with my roommates because we are very close and just do things girls like to do. (laughs)

    (R) – Great! So is there anything you would like to say to your fans out there?

    (D) – Yeah, sure. Just strive to achieve your goals. Don’t stop trying, I didn’t! Oh and follow me on twitter at [email protected] (laughs).

    (R) – (laughs) Alright thanks for stopping by and good luck!

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